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Posted:i read aaaaaaaaages ago bout a girl who used firepoi and told the interviewer she wanted to learn a move that 'makes it look like you have wings of fire'.... been intrigues ever since, can anyone describe anything they think would look like that....i'm thinking some kind of butterfly, maybe, but being really new at this whole thing, i dont really know...any help?

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Posted:Maybe an over the head butterfly
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Posted:I have pitcures of me and i look like i have wings of fire. i was doing the overhead buterfly but i was using my firewhips not my poi. poi is not very wide where my whips make a four foot wide flame and leave a huge trail. hope that helps!


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Posted:Over the head butterfly when sustained for a while looks like fire wings. The lower behind the back when sustained for a while looks like firewings too. That's all I can think of for now

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Posted:Yeah. Butterflys behind your head do it, so do butterflys behind the back. It's much more effective with more than one wick.-Sock

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Posted:What I do is a variation of the butterfly but not really!?If you can imagine a giant reverse butterfly. As the poi cross over at the bottom of the stoke, your arms are crossed over each other. Look at the animation for giant butterfly to see what I meen, but remember that it's reverse for this move. As your poi get towards the top of the circles, your arms become uncrossed and you can move them wide and high for a second as the poi do a little circle kind of behind you. This gives them momentum and they'll plummet down towards each other at your sides, then cross your arms and lift for another rotation. Your arms are straight all the time, in fact you want them to really stretch for some big arcs.It feels a little like a kind of rythmic flapping motion. Haven't taught anyone else to do it yet, so I can't really say what it looks like!Hope this helps Clare!
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Posted:check out the bombs over bagdad video in the video section, its a sort of giant butterfly but not.....stretch your arms out as to measure your wingspan and spin both in front then both in back and so on and so that was a crappy description

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Posted:I.e. alternating butterfly and btb butterfly, but with your arms stuck out, basically

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