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Posted:Ade suggested in another thread to tie a ribbon to one end of a staff as an aid to explaining what some of us see as "forwards".I think the idea of marking the different ends of a staff, with a ribbon, paint or even different coloured tennis balls is a brilliant idea!It would be very useful in all situations where you are teaching, as well as helping us to figure out what we are doing when we can do a move but not explain it.I'm going to look into it over the next few weeks as I have three practice staffs (no wick or soot on, just wooden) which should be easy to mark.This seems to me to be a great aid for all of us, please let me know what others think as well.Thanks again Ade...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.comhttp://juggling.co.nzPS - If this has been done before or others are already suing this technique, feel free to email some raspberries i.e.
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flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:I agree that is a great idea.another idea that is probably fairly common-place already is to mark the middle of the staff with a light coloured strip. I use white electrical tape.This enables people to keep an eye on something during aerials and also helps newbies find balance point of staff a little quicker...This is something I did instinctively when I was a lonesome twirler for o so long... I suppose most people have some marking on thier staves to aid them?

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Posted:Cheers Charles glad to have helped, I always use this method when teaching people the basic staff moves. It helps a lot when teaching singles and doubles (forwards and double forwards - sorry an un pc staff glossary term
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)I also paint the middle of my staff in a couple of colours - as Flash said - it helps with aerials. I also reackon it helps remind me I can do moves by holding onto the staff at the 3/4 point instead of always in the middle.

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Posted:Its very difficult to explain staff moves because of the duality of the expressions everyone uses! I dont think i could begin to explain some of the moves i do, and even then they arent very challenging!

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Posted:What I've been doing is cutting my grip-tape in half and wrapping each half from the center of balance outward. I put a white piece of tape around the center of balance, and different-colored tapes at the ends of the grip-tape.A friend who used to twirl batons competitively tells me that they would divide their grips into 5 zones, with a different color of tape for each zone.

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Posted:this is such a great idea! I keep meaning to make myself a set of teaching staffs, maybe just bits of dowel with tennis balls or something, just something lightweight and well balanced that's easy to learn with. over summer I got roped into teaching a workshop at a juggling festival but I hadn't prepared ,and I ended up having to teach with tent poles! well, some time I'll get my arse into gear on this, I love seeing peoples' eyes light up going "i've got it!". xaeda

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Posted:I have 2 practise staffs. Made out of 1m lengths of dowel, with silver insulating tape grips in the middle and rubber walking stick stops on the ends. I use these when I'm training for double staff. But I also find that, having two that are identical, when I'm teaching someone they can follow what's going on better.... ------------------C@ntus

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