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Posted:ez just do the 4 beat corkscrew with a 360 body varial going in the same direction. do it with a jump by bending your kneez down with your downswing on the corkscrew.if u want added attention do it like i do. put your right foot behind and to the left of your left foot and jump and do the 360 while you unwrap your right foot around to the other side of your foot so you can throw in another 180 pivit when you hit the ground, all while doing your 4 beat corkscrew overhead. actually its that breakdancing leg helicoptor combied with the corkscrew but i thought it went together nice. dont loze an eye

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Posted:THAT!!! is a sweet move.Super'------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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Posted:I love that one too, Gabbe.
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I also like to lean back and look toward the sky as I'm turning. Adds a nice graceful effect.
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Also try turning your body in the opposite direction; feels kind of awkward but looks great!



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Posted:ok, um... what?video please!!!!

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Posted:Try to spin 360 the opposite direction of the poi. I find using this in conjunction with that body varial thing looks wicked.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====


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