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Posted:If you usually have your left hand on top (and 'first') for the normal butterfly, is it more natural to have that on top and first for the reverse butterfly? or the other way around? Because I'm having some difficulty with the rvs ttn, and it's really hampering my routine, as i can't do all the moves rvs and fwd...

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Posted:I have my right hand on top for both the normal and the reverse butterfly. Dont know if its crucial for the move that its that way, just how it happens.Perhaps its why im having trouble with the rev ttn, but ive found its a really "unco" type move to learn, looks pretty silly til you have it right.Only seen 2 people do it well and one of those was Josh, so maybe he's your man :P(if he cant do it no one can!!!YAY JOSH!)Sorry, geting carried away.[This message has been edited by Frenzie (edited 20 September 2001).]

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Posted:I usually have my right over left for forwards butterfly, and left over right for reverse butterfly. However it is usefull to be able to do either hand of the other easily in both directions of butterfly.Also note that when you go from buterfly, to btb butterfly you have to change which hand is above the other...grrreeeeaaarrgggggg------------------be nice, life's to short for shit.

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Posted:For both the normal and reverse I have my left hand on top. Might be personal preference to a degree, same with the weave, there are a few different ways to lead into it depending on which hand you start with.ade



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Posted:Some words of wisdom. You should learn how to do the butterfly with either hand on top. When turning a butterfly back and forth at your side, if you can only butterfly with your lets say right hand on top, you can only go back and forth turning left to right. If you want to go back and forth on your right side your going to need your left hand on top. There are ways around this, you can cross your hands, but why do it the hard way?Though crosshanded butterflys and cross overs open up some nice combinations.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====


Posted:Heyho!Well - after that introduction (Thanks Frenzie!)
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Nets been down at work - so sorry for the wait.Anyhoo - you can do three point butterfly (ie b/h left side -> front -> b/h right side in one beat each) while keeping the same hand on top with no problems. You can do it alternating your hands too - as in The Protie (see previous threads) - but personal preference as to which you find easier.hand-on-top-ness shouldnt effect your ability to do rvs TTN. I just managed (after stuffing about a bit) to go into it while having my right hand on top (normally I have it on the bottom)...I do agree with phunky tho, its good to learn how to do alternating moves with either hand on top, simply cuz there is more you can do if you can!
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