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Posted:HEllo fellow peoplesCan someone plese tell me how poi is pronouced? is it said like:"pw-ar""p- oi""po"or am I totally wrong? I keep hearing people say it diffrently... hmmm.Can someone please help me with my verbal difficulties?? I feel dumb!!
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Thankyou all!KRISSY
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Posted:Hi Golden krispyIn French if you prononce the word POI the French way, it'd mean "pea" as in (beans, potatoes and peas"... which in my opinion isn't really nice. So the few french I know tend to want to write it POY in order to have the correct pronounciation.All the people (english speaking I that is) I heard used POI pronounced as POY (like "boy"). Only the Spanish say "Cariocas" instead of poi... maybe because the word poi is close to another one which is "poya" and means eeer well... "penis" actually. :)shine onCassandra

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Posted:GoldenKrispy,Cassandra is right.Pronounced like "Toy", "Boy" likes "Poi"(ie Poy)With regard to Spanish meaning in the Maori poi book it says that 'Poi can be used as a representation of a number of items and beliefs One being of the penis or ovaries and fallopian tubes. Poi dancing had been used in the past to attract a partner. 'RegardsMalcolm

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Posted:Heck, Poi dancing is used NOW to attract a partner.
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