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Posted:I thought that I've been doing a CorkScrew, only to read on some of the discussions of the day that it's more like a weave. I went back over to the video, and either I'm stupid, or missing something. The difference between the multi quadrant CS and a weave seems minute, while the mutli q.CS and regular CS look nothing alike. Can someone please tell me if I'm stupid?

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Posted:Ok, here goes.Imagine you are doing the "figure of eight", and then you lean over so your body is horisontal and you are doing the fig8 lying on your side (yea ok, just stay with it), if you think what you are then doing it is actually the corkscrew...The figure of eight is closely related to the weave (essentially the 2 beat weave) and can be interchanged with the weave easily.This is why the corkscrew can be thought of as similar to the weave. The benefits are, you can easily intergrate the corkscrew into the weave.e.g. you can do the fountain say, (weave into windmill) and go straight into the corkscrew (the corkscrew is also a horisontal windmill). Five beat moves (five beat weave) can also be easily intergrated into the 5 beat windmill and 5 beat corkscrew.To illustrate this principle do the corkscrew (or 5 beat corkscrew) and turn through 90 deg, you will find yourself going immediately into the weave (or 5 beat weave).enjoy. ------------------be nice, life's to short for shit.

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Posted:moving you across to the Moves Forum
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