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Posted:You can use the meteors, like a staff and also hold the rope at 2 points in the center and use poi moves w/them. It's interesting. I've just started using rope and I like it. I've learned some under the leg moves. I think I just get excited about learning something new.

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Posted:I have been using them for a few weeks now I cant seem to get the under the leg stuff and I cant seem to keep the momentum up when I am spinning vertically infront of me. I have down the basic figure 8 staff move (helps to hold it slightly above the middle) and can then go behind my back but agin i run out of momentum. Do you have any tips for me? what is the total length os your metior? Mine is 198cm. Thanks.Rain.




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Posted:mine stretches out from one tip of my finger to my other hand's finger (middle finger). ------------------Live by honor. Kill by stealth. Only the unseen survive.~peace~

Live by honor. Kill by stealth. Only the unseen survive.~peace~