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Posted:i would like know about any jump moves that anybody knows or experiences people have had with jumping.

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Posted:I do jumps, and jump turns a lot actually. I normally kick one leg out and use the other for a brace to hold my body at about 45 degrees when I do a turn. Sometimes. Your poi are going to move. Let them. Just guide them during your jumps. I dont jump straight up though. Unless I do a double leg wrap or something. Try this: Do a regular good old fashioned weave, then turn into a reverse weave, and turn again, only when you turn to a regular weave once more, jump up backwards turn your body so you are doing forward motion while in regular weave.

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Posted:How about jumping a one handed butterfly?

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Posted:Its a roller blade move but Try a bio spin... bend at the waist throw your arms around with enough force to throw you into the air and spin or roll through the air horizontally 360' landing bent over or 540' landing leaning backwards.. good source of injuries but once you get it it's a tonne of fun

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Posted:I've got a jump move where I jump in the air, do a 180 turn and the mexican weave at the same time. I looks pretty cool


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Posted:There's a really styley jump that I've been trying to perfect for ages......I saw it in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (you know the big fight scene at the end?). Basically she held the staff horizontally in front of her, then flicked her legs out behind her.....imagine the leg movements of a cartwheel, one leg following the other in a kind of async arc, but with her upper body still upright and vertical. It probably requires more flexibility than I have, but man it looked cool! Try jumping over the staff too.....you can use it like a skipping rope, or you can flick it round in a circle and jump it as it nears your legs. I described this ages ago, I think, you could do a search for it. I *haven't* tried this, it only just occurred to me, but maybe it's possible to leapfrog over the staff? ie, put one end on the ground, and hold on below the other wick, keeping the staff vertical.....hmm, could be a scary one to practice, I'm not even sure it's possible. But you bet I'll be trying it out tomorrow! ;-) I'm also working on a move that's basically just a straddle jump, except you spin the staff between and under your legs. It's not working too well so far ;-) Good straddle jumps take a lot of strength in your abs and legs.....I have a background in gymnastics so it's a bit easier for me, but I'm still not strong enough or flexible enough to do it well. I guess it depends on your personal style, but I'd seriously recommend watching footage of all sorts of jumpy things.....cheesy martial arts movies, competitive aerobics (you know, where they jump around in lycra with ridiculous smiles), gymnastics, acrobatics, ballet, ice-skating, skateboarding, contemporary dance, cheerleading.....those are just a few off the top of my head. You might not want to actually do any of those things, but it's worthwhile to expose yourself to lots of movement based arts, simply because they're good for poaching ideas from :-)have fun, and don't impale yourselfxaeda[This message has been edited by xaeda (edited 02 October 2001).]

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Posted:Good ideas..I have a move where I jump the staff as well..you'll see it in my comp video.

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Posted:can someone get a video of the bio spin...?Sounds interesting... sounds like a dislocate your arm type move...

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Posted:I have been working on spinning 1 poi while doing a 1 handed cartwheel. I just decided to try the one handed cartwheel one day to see how the poi would act. I can't do a no handed cartwheel, and I don't think it's a good idea to try without a spoter, but it would be really cool to got flipping through the air whilst spinning my poi. It would probibally get quite a reaction from the audience too!

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