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Posted:Hi yall, this is my first post and I am rather new to this, but heres my question: It took me a couple days to get down the three beat weave and I finally got it! in my exictement I decided to go and look up the four beat....well I did it in like 5 seconds, is it really just 2 swings on each side of the body and crossing back? i couldn't really tell from the description and after the work fro the three beat....i dont know


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Posted:HappyGStickerThis is quite common. Once you manage to get a move going you say "wow, this is easy, how could I not do this before?". The brain can sometimes be a mental barrier to doing a new move. Some people can break barriers faster and easier than others. Sometimes it is best to not let the brain think at all and just do it. My advice is don't look back
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and push your limits all the time
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Posted:Hi HappyG,Im pretty sure that the 5 beat is 2 and a half swings on either side with the hands locking then coaxing one final half swing out of the one coming up behind you (the other is following its normal path to the other side of you) which you then swing down to your ther side by moving your whole locked up twisted wrist type thing over to unlock it all on the other side and go into another two and a half there...Is that understandable??? If not, Im sorry but it really is two different worlds isnt it??? Explaining a movement and actually doing it I mean. Hope it helpsPeaceDizziness