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Posted:okay guys, if you care to share like the Care Bear Stare please give me a few tips on how to do the between the leg butterfly!!! I will wuv oo foreva!also what is the 5 beat btb? can you tell me where on this site i might find that info


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Posted:This probably belongs under the "moves" section, but anyhow...I have a hard time with the btl butterfly. I can manage it, but it ain't pretty.Unless your chains are *very* short, you will need to wrap them around your wrists to shorten them up. Do a normal inward butterfly, bend over, and on the downswing, bring your hands between your legs. Be prepared for your wicks to hit the ground as they go through. I find it can help to cross your wrists. Getting out of this move...I'll let you experiment.Some people find it easier to do this from an outward butterfly. You can also cheat a little and raise one leg to help get through.The 5-beat weave is illustrated in the "Poi-lessons" section of this site, and has been the subject of a huge amount of discussion in this discussion group--do a search on it. I beat myself up for months trying to learn it until a friend demonstrated it to me.

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Posted:I havent seen it mentioned either that a five beat weave is hella easier if you learn a weave forward and reverse first.Love always,Spanky



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Posted:i heard that jo derry could do the 5 beat btb weave in a post a while ago but he said it looked slopy adn didnt use it much, but i also heard he was trying to perfect it, but maybe i heard wrong. it was a while agoi found the thread i was talking about all in good, clean, light producing fun.[This message has been edited by emptyset (edited 12 August 2001).]

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Posted:Without starting the whole prove it arguement again a 5 beat btb is very do able and is not even a matter of flexibility. I also learned to turn it and will be posting a vid soon. Although anyone willing to donate a little web space as I don't have a web site can email me and let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.



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Posted:It's been done already flaming hoop :Pyou're just going to have bust it out in a routine now.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====