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Posted:Right, not sure if this is a new move but i can't find any description of it, obviously this is harder if it doesn't have a name. When i first started learning poi i was trying the weave and i tried to do it swinging both hands together but a set distance apart, still doing the figure of eight movement. Then when you've got both hands on one side of your body, you do an extra cycle but swing the outside hand faster than the inside one so that when you bring it back across your body the outside hand is now leading. You repeat this on the alternate side but change which hand is moving fastest, as your other hand is now on the outside. Hope this makes sense, what i always try and remember is that the outside hand always move faster. Can someone please e-mail me back if this is already a move, or if they can do it successfully, as i have tried to teach it to some fellow fire swingers but have had no success. Cheers. (email = clarkey@writeme.com)


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Posted:To my understanding it sounds like a 3 beat weave ? no ?????shine on Cassandra

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Posted:Not sure what it is...though sounds interesting. I suppose this should go into the Moves thread, but since Clarkey1 discovered his while learning, thought I'd share mine
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I also mistakenly learned it while trying to figure out the Chase. Start by swinging backwards, same time.Move your right hand to join your left on your left side, and swing a circle with them on that side.Move them together across your body to your right side and perform another circle there.Leave your right hand where it is and move only your left hand back to your left side, perform another circle and start again.It's almost a three count.Apart Together TogetherApart Together Together.You can eventually get your hands together, and then it looks awesome. Don't know if this has been posted before and if it has then I'm probably going to get flamed, but that's ok
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Posted:Let me get it straight, you do figure 8 but you add an extra rotation on each side, but instead of doing in split time (like a weave) you do it equal time??Is that it?

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Posted:I think I know what your talking about I do something similar I call it a pulled weave. Basicly instend of holding both hands out to the side of my body I let whichever hand is on that side of the body stay there while pulling the other one away then following with the other hand.. So it kinda looks like a spiral going in front of me side to side. I'm working on doin all kinda's stuff witht this move such as holding it in the center :P "I love holding for a few beats on all the hard moves :P" And working it so I can reverse the way the sprial moves without having to "reload.. uncross my arms and break the spiral" But it's not comming to me very fast------------------We are all in the cosmic movie. That means the day you die you watch your whole life repeating for eternity. So you'd better have some good things happen in there and have a fitting climax. --Jim Morrison

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Posted:Bhawk - thats its man, give it a go and post a reply if you can get it working. To make it equal time though you have to move the outside hand faster on either side or they cross. Knagi's idea of the pulled weave sounds sort of right as it feels like you have to pull round the outside hand.Is the chase the same move as the weave?GOOD luck

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Posted:I do this one too. Don't have a name for it, but it's nice mixed in with weaves and it's a good transition to body and neck wraps and whatnot.

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Posted:ok guys sorry about this i did'nt want to do a post on it but while we're talking about weavy type things... is there a better video of the four or five beat weaves anywhere? i cant make head or tail of the description or video of the five beat in the lessons... i can do a three beat perfectly easily, but i just dont undestand how to do the others at all... sorry for going off topic...BB

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Posted:Blackbird, I can tell you that the 4 or 5 weaves (or so it seems to me when I do it) are just when you continue to entwine your wrists at the sides. The movement is a lot more antagonistic on the arms too; it tends to move a lot faster than 3 beat, so once you've got the speed right, you've got the 4 or 5 beats down sweet
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Posted:so you just curl your arms around each other more?I have kinda done this, but it looks sort of unelegant and it's a bit wierd when you take the tangled knot of your arms over to the other side... I shall have to try more... I thought there was some trick to it.btw, the 15 beat weave where you let go and catch is absolutely impossible! the handles go swinging off into the air!

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Posted:Sorry clarky1 for getting off topic but...15 BEAT WEAVE? I have to know about this, sounds absolutely imposible (then again so did 5 beat before I got it).Blackbird where did you find this one??

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Posted:i figured out the 5-beat wave by first learning to do the weave 180 degrees with a combo of the forwards and backwards weave.then i just stopped turning around on my feet, and did the additional rotations far to my left and far to my right and now i do it by habit, almost.some people say it looks awkward, but it all depends on the person's style who's doing it. the more fluid your arms look when you spin, the better this move looks overall (including the way your body moves when you do it.) i also make it look a little less awkward by adding some body level changes to it such as leaning down to the left, coming up into a windmill in the center, and then leaning down to the right as i do the final beats of the five.now, if i could only get the backwards one...there's another move i'm trying to learn as well - i am going to research this on other parts of the board but i'll describe it here briefly...it's basically a chasing the sun to a low tuck turn, but the poi move alternately, so you're basically doing a windmill to a um, whatever (this is the part i haven't fully gotten yet) kinda to your sides and behind you. btw, i usually lurk. i'm dori, i'm in brooklyn, i know some people here, i'm friendly for the most part and i mainly spin poi but also dabble in other firey things.

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