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Posted:AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Okay, I have learned most of the more common moves. I can do them forward, left to right and right to left (though being right handed, my left hand tends to be a bit spastic and weak sometimes) but do you think I can do them behind my back!!!??!!! I am sooo frustrated with myself...Any suggestions to ease my teething problems? Scresing my arms off at the shouulders and swopping them round, seems the only solution
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Also, a tip for any begginner learning to swing with Poi that have tails on. I found the tails hindered me in the beginning and slowed down my progress. The solution? I rolled the tails neatly around the ball and then popped the Poi into a sock, which I knotted to keep secure. It does adjust the weight slightly, but makes them easier to swing your balls around
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Posted:This probably belongs in the moves section, but, wth...The standard rules for learning new moves apply here: practice the move using just one poi in one hand until you get the motion down. Then work with the other hand alone. Only once your brain and body have the motions down should you try to put them together.When doing BTB moves, it is also *very* important to stretch out before working with your poi. Proper stretching on a regular basis can dramatically increase your range of motion making the BTB moves much easier in general. Also, when working with one poi, be sure not to twist your body to give yourself an unfair advantage. Keey your body straight (square) and make sure you get the full rance in your wrists, arms, and shoulders.After that, just keep practicing. You *will* get the moves eventually!-p.-p.



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Posted:My sweet Angel,Such is life, frustrating to the last breath. However my dear, never give up. There is one thing about the Art of Poi, it is merely an illusion of tricks. Do not ever think that a move is too hard or almost impossible to achieve because I'll let you know that your brain already has the circles and rotations of the poi mapped out and all you need to do is to wait till your body and limbs catch on. I must admit, they are a bit slow to catch on, I sometimes get impatient myself, but as soon as a form of explaination arrives at your brain for a move, you have it girl.King



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Posted:On another note... I don't do much (ok any, sometimes
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) stretching before poi, though I do a bit of yoga a few times a week... I can do btb moves repeatedly without stretching, warming up or being responsible. (I do choose to be responsible though..) So I guess my moral is you should but it won't make it impossible to do if you don't..? I need to improve my habits though so listening to me might involve in painful injury
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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.- B.B.King



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Posted:I never stretch either. I didn't even think about it, I'd rather just get in there and do my BTB stuff. So if you do then great but if you don't if you're not pulling anything, who cares.Eric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.


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