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disco dave

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Posted:I want to know if my move, which is similar to the double helicopter/around back move is new or not? When I do the double spin in each hand above ny head, the first spin is through my fingers then completed with a wrist spin. So it goes around back, up above head, turn through fingers, turn wrist of left hand, pass to right hand, turn through fingers, turn with wrist, down around back, repeat. My friend and I call it the 'Disco Saturn'. Is it new or has someone performed before?

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Posted:your talking about a staff move yeh?I'd suggest that it has been done before.I tend not to call moves like that a certain name, cuz its a combo move, which can be broken down into smaler parts. Everyone can make up naems for combos but in reality they are the same series of movements...of course, this doent mean that everyone who does the same series of moves looks just like you
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I dont think there are many moves out there that havent been done - perhaps some really really tricky things...things that take years to master...oh and to clarify; I do moves very similar to that one - although I tend to palm spin instead of wrist spin...Josh[This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 17 July 2001).]



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Posted:Josh -- You don't think there are many moves out there that haven't been done? I've never done staff, but gosh I hope that's not true! I would think that if you are really good at staff, and you are fairly creative, you should be able to come up with and master a move in a relatively short amount of time (maybe a week or so) that no one else has done before. I mean, there are so many possibilities. You just have to think outside of the box.



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Posted:Hey Bassman, I'm very creative with my glowstix, but that doesn't mean I've done every move possible. I'm sure there's lots of things never done before, whether it's staff or poi. Theres always a new turn or body twist to change it up just enough for it to be new. Just wanted to get my opinion in.Eric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.


Posted:I guess it totally depends on what you mean by different doesnt it?If someone does a 3 beat weave fwds standing on one foot I dont think thats a different move from a person doing a 3 beat weave while standing on the other foot.but I do think that butterfly is a different move to weave for eg.This is soo totally subjective
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I guess what I'm referring to is that there is only so many ways you can manipulate a rigid length (ohh that sounds nasty) with the human form. it's not like juggling where you have the relationship between your body, and (for eg) 3 or more balls...that has MUCH more potential for interaction. I also think this applies to Poi. There are more ways you can interact with two things on strings than there are with one thing on a string for eg - cuz with one poi you have;what you can do with your bodywhat you can do with your poi what you can do combining the two.of course, the killer is environment. If you count environmental interaction as a 'new' move, then I guess there are endless possibilities? but personally, I still dont think there is that much that could be done with just a staff about your body, that hasnt been done. ppl have been twirling staves for thousands of years at a high level of skill...I guess you could bounce it off a satellite dish - that couldnt have been done 100 years ago
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a new move!Josh