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Ive been messing around with wraps as transition moves, but Im having a little trouble uwrapping some of them.Ill try to explain the particular wrap Im having trouble with, but if Im not to clear ask me and Ill try to clarify.ok, from a forward weave, when both my hands are on the left side and my right hand is under my left hand, instead of crossing my left glowstick to the other side, I leave it spinning on my left side and wrap my right glowstick on my left arm. When I unwrap I should be left with a forward butterfly on my left side.The problem is that I cant unwrap smoothly. The string gets kinda stuck on my arm and its hard to pull out. Its weird cause I dont have this problem when I do wraps in front of me instead of my sides.For strings I use a pair of 45inch round shoolaces, and for poi, anything that glows (different size glowsticks, Rav'n lights...'cept fire, not ready for that yet) so the weight varies. Any usefull help please?

Yeah - make sure your angle of attack is less than perpendicular to the limb around which you are wrapping. That will ensure that the string / chain wraps in a spiral with a slight spread, rather than overlap itself. The overlapping is probly what is making it hard to o luck.Josh

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Couldn't have said it better myself, [josh]Eric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.

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