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Posted:hehe here's a cool one time move for glowsticks. Do a one handed butterfly as fast as you can then push yourself to make it go faster not sure when it happens but sometime the lines will collide and rip one of the glowsticks off and send it about 40 feet into the air :P

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Posted:Actually, i've tried that same trick b4...but what happened to me was the glowsticks collided at such a fast pace that one of them actually broke open and all that gay juice stuff leaked all over me...not as cool as the flying glowstick...but pretty weird

Posted:if you hold the line about 2.5- 3 ft from the Glowstick and with your hand do a backwards figure of 8 movement when you get to speed do a side of the body circle anti clockwise when the Glowstick gets between 1-12 oclock release the line it should go about 70ft minimum. if you want to see a good effect next time a room is getting painted, put a pin hole in the end of the glowstick and do a couple of moves. an amazing effect


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Posted:i was spinning at a rave once (actually this has happened several times doing the same move), and i was using a new shoe lace that was softer. I usually just tied a knot on the end and slid it throught the hole and it caught on the end. Since these were softer, when i do this one move to where i spin the POI ungodly fast, one slipped off the end and shot about 100 ft. over the dance space to the other side peaking at about 20-25 ft in the air...i just hope it didnt hit anyone.Another time at a rave i accidently hit the ground pretty hard, then went into a weave while spewing glowing chemicals all over everyone watching.. Everyone thought i did it on purpose, and i recieved much props for it...all the people that were "rolling" almost fell over when thousands of droplets of glowing light flew at their face... hee hee [image]http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubb/images/icons/grin.gif">"S"------------------[/image]"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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