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Posted:Here is the practice routine I have come up with that covers just about all the moves I know, however every time I perform the routine, I get to the end and it just doesn't feel finished. Maybe like it's missing a grand finale? Was hoping someone would be kind enough to contribute some thoughts to help me out here. :PForward Swing; Crossed Forward Swing; (repeat: 1st time with 4 beats, 2nd time with 2, and 3rd quickly alternate); Crossed Butterfly; Forward Swing; Forward Weave with left arm wrap -> Forward Butterfly on your left side; Reverse Butterfly; Behind the head Butterfly; Reverse Butterfly; BTB Butterfly; Alt Butterfly Combo; 5-beat Weave; Windmill; Quadruple Windmill; Corkscrew (turn 360o) -> Quadruple Corkscrew(spin 360o) with left thigh wrap with left poi -> Horizontal Mexican Wave; Forward Swing; 360o 5-beat; Forward Butterfly; Forward Giant Butterfly; One-Handed Butterfly; One-Handed Butterfly bouncing between behind and in front; One-Handed Corkscrew; One-Handed Weave------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-


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Posted:Hell yeah dude, I got it I'm not sure how long that run lasts but if your wicks are dead by the end of it cut all the one handed stuff out, then when you do the giant butterfly, when it begins to head up pose your hands to bring them down on opistie sides of your body so your arms are crossed and just speed into a same time 1 beat cross over as fast as you can get it to go till your flames go out.
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