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Posted: Hey Poi people.Have a play with this one, I`m almost sure that I made it up, and I love it!spin both Poi backwards at split times, as the right Poi comes up slacken the chain so the Poi is taking its own weight. If done correctly you should be able to reach up and grab the Poi. This allows you to take it in super slow motion (in your hand) along its origional path then between your legs. at the vital point let it go and snap your wrist so that it shoots the Poi forward, then pull it back between your legs.Play with this move, you can take or throw the Poi in any direction, its something different at least.p.s don`t try this on fire!------------------peace, love and light*TOUCH*

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Posted:mm that is an interesting concept touch, I like it.I do the same move you describe - but I just swing the Poi between my legs, stall it and then swing it back out. my gf got a good one going with a crossing over double stall between the legs from behind. I reckon this idea of grbbing the Poi is a good one tho - no reason not to do it with fire - you would just have to grab the chain just above the head...not too close tho
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thanks for that!Josh


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