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Ive been looking at some glowsticking (on strings of course) videos and I saw a move in a few of them that Id like to learn. From what I saw, the person starts with a forward weave and then puts his hands behind his head and does what seems like a behind the head weave and ends up back in a forward weave again. Can someone tell me how to do this. I think it might be a windmill but Im not sure. (if it is just let me know and Ill look at the instructions on this site).The move can be seen in the James Lac video at
(around 25 seconds into the movie, after he messes up)

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It is a windmill. Alright, do the motion of the weave with your hands. When I weave and am going from the right side of my body to the left I have my right hand on top and when I get to my left side I swing my left hand over my right and move back across to the right side of my body again. The trick is that whenever you switch, say moving to the left and you throw your left hand over your right, you will notice that if you break your hands apart both sticks are spinning in the same direction (one forward, one reverse). Since they are spinning in the same direction you can take advantage of this. So try moving from your right to your left, and when you cross your left over your right immediately throw your left over your head and follow it with your right. If you pull that off then you'll be doing a windmill w/ the left leading.Hope that helps a little. I tried to be as thorough as possible so if anything confused you just lemme know. A really good way to practice 'throwing' your hand over your head is to just to it 1 hand at a time at first. Just do 1 circle directly in front of your body (think butterfly) and at the top of the circle drop your hand behind your head for a rotation (resulting in a circle behind your head). Also, something that *really* helped me get it was I realized that it was just a figure 8 in the vertical plane. If you do any free-hand liquid-ish dancing you should be real familiar w/ the fig. 8. If so, all you have to realize is that you paint the 1 part of the 8 in front of your face, 1 behind your head, and it crosses in the middle.

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