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Posted:Hey Supes, I heard you mention this one in another thread not too long ago. I need some help breaking this one down. So youre doing the horizontal Mexican Wave, I got that. The poi are going opposite directions. How do you bring one around to go into a corkscrew? Thanks in advance...


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Posted:Hmm...I've never actually _tried_ this, but I could hazard a guess...bear with me for a moment.There's a way to go from spinning _one_ poi backward to forward (or vice versa, but let's stick with this example) when they're swinging at your sides. Essentially you do a low turn with one arm while keeping the other swinging. The centrifugal force is a bit smoother when you do this if you do a quarter turn of your body, but it's not necessary. Anyway, the idea is that without doing anything _too_ fancy or labor-intensive, you can go from a frontward swing at your sides to an opposite swing at your sides by doing that low turn with _one_ arm.Now, THEORETICALLY, you can do the same while they're swinging above and below your torso, a la during the corkscrew. It's gonna require some timing, though, and a goodly bit of practice. You essentially would have to do a low-turn style motion with the poi that's swinging above your head. Sounds very tricky. Can't wait to TRY IT!
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The other good way to go quickly from same-direction swing to opposite direction swing is to do a leg or arm wrap with one poi. THEORETICALLY (the word for today) you should be able to do a _body_ wrap with one poi; (the one that's below your body not the one above your head) and change its direction.Thanks for bringing this up, shibaki, it's been a fun mental exercise and an inspiring one at that! Wish I'd brought my streamers to work today!Say it with me. "Start with one poi..."
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Posted:it can be done. Low turn movement...easier explination. I alwys make things too complicated. I am horrible at type-splaining things. i could show you easily...Essentially i only change the direction of my left POI. The right one is already going in the direction you are wanting to go just learn to do it with the left one.Ok ill set this up. Poi spinning away from my body left to right. 1st the poi goes over my head, then under my arm.timming is everthing. right before the poi spins inward underneath your arm, start to turn to your left..I drop the poi downward as best i can, There is alot of contorting of my body and left wrist because the path the POI is travelling is almost unchangable at that point of th HMW. You have to feel it...there is one point to where you can feel it change direction while you are turning your body. I would not advise doing this with fire, because i have hitmyself numerous times, trying to get this clean.Like i said...i did it by accident. when it happened. I spent an hour trying to get it to work again. I can get it 7 times ouuta ten fairly clean.Its a very unatural movement for the POI.all you have to do is get one to change direction. The turn is what makes it work for me."S"------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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