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Posted:does anyone out there do single poi? I do but I must use a lot of wraps and fancy moves to make it look good.

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the henna lady
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Posted:A long one actually....and the jacob's ladder is like one long one, with lots o fire attached.You can also do release-catch moves that are awesome, especially if you couple them with wraps (ie: toss it, catch mid chain on a part of your bady, say forearm, the momentum of the toss will wrap it, then swing your arm to continue the momentum to unwrap it and catch it).Fun to be had I tell ya!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:I'll second that emotion!I had the opportunity to play with Pele's Jacob's Ladder, and lemmie tellya, I am all about the insanely long single poi! I have brought that idea back to Baltimore with me and I think it is catching on here. ;-)I've even tied my streamers together in various ways to create insanely long poi to play with wraps and whatnot. It rocks!-p.


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Posted:i play with one poi in the office sort of where there is no room for 2...seems to go a lot better with belly dancing type stuff because you can do hip swively thing with one-handed corkscrew type things.. so ive also thought, hey, i could do one or 2 poi in one hand and 1 or 2 fingerwicks on the other hand (so far the only lit fingerwick thing was at ECSF and, well we all know how that came out 'eek burning fingers') and hold the one hand more or less still and swing the other around. will have to try it with other ppl to see if it looks good at all.so more practice needed with that, but on fire. Pere



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Posted:Thats very cool Pele..I wanna play with your ladder...hee heeSometimes when i start, i start with them short. Then after a minute or so, ill let one lengthen out and do a few moves and wraps with one. Single Cscrews and waves look pretty cool. Then ill take the other and throw it straight from my hand out while the other is spinning. When it hits the end, i snap it back into a reverse spin, and instantly go into a reverse weave...It gets some ooo's and ahhhh's------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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Posted:Yeah... you can do some pretty neat stuff. I've seen people do like 6 wraps in a row going from like leg, neck, arm, ankle, etc.You can also do some other varieties of releases easier, like swinging it behind your back (or around your legs), and letting go as it comes around a re-catching. If you're feeling goofy, can do a can-can thing going from leg to leg that way.Swinging horizontal and passing from hand to hand so it circles your body... Can grab the middle of the chain with the other hand an do little pinwheels. Nunchaku type moves where the handle swings up over your shoulder and pull it around with the other hand.I'm sure really weird stuff is maybe possible like swing it horizontal and have it start to wrap around your neck, then do a cartwheel so it unwraps while your head is pointed at the ground.. or something
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