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Posted:How do you do it??thxnomad

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Posted:first you sacrifice your first born tomatoes to the the fire gods...
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Posted:Ha ha!I had this going for about 2 seconds at the East Coast Spin Party, then lost it. :PI can do the 5-beat forward weave continuously. I can do the 5-beat reverse but only if I go into a turn and reverse it back to a forward weave..I can't seem to get it over to the other side of my body without sorely bonking myself.Please, any hints would be very welcome here!
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Still practicing,-protie


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Posted:I still cant get the 5 beat weave...i thought i had it buti was doing it wrong...actually, i dont what the hell i was doing.I have been spinning weaves almost continuously while i have been practicing forward and in reverse hoping that eventually i will stumble upon it like i do most of my moves..but it has been very elusive.Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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Posted:just keep tryingsorry not much helpand when you change sides throw the poi hard across your body

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Posted:I judge how well I'm doing at getting this move by where the poi hits me on the face/head/shoulder

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Posted:I would start by doing a search on "5 beat reverse weave" and reading the voluminous commentary that already exists on the subject.

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Posted:This post is crazy old. Though, it does make me feel nice that Nomad once didn't know how to do it.

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Posted:try this link.
reverse 5beat weave discussion


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Posted:and i think he still doesnt do it (nomad that is...)


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Posted:Right, my trick is this:- (and it might not work for everyone).....
put the poi right on the ends of your fingers, start by doing a 3beat until you're comfy etc...
On say the right side of your body, throw another beat in with your right hand and all you have to do is get the left poi back across your body without the strings crossing etc right???
Now this I found is the bit of a bastard unless you have hands of rubber but if you bend the finger on your left hand back enough, they go round the back of your right hand far enough to be "out the way" and don't interfere with the flow of the chasing poi.....flicking the fingers back helps to get it round as does a little flick of the arms/shoulders until you get better at it.
I found the other thing that was putting me off was big burny firey things coming towards my face....
The more you push your lead hand across your body, the easier it is to get the angle to get it round the chasing hand.
The fwd 5 beat is easier because if you relax your hands your fingers naturally bend forwards and you can wrap them round each other easier.
The thing to remember is that if you keep your hands as fists, there is no easy way of doing it backwards (I wont use the term impossible because there's no such thing - but u get my drift)
It works for me, but then I know which planet I live on and what I'm talking about....if I had to make sense of what I've written then maybe not...

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