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Posted:I saw this one move at a club once and I would really like to know how to do it. This guy had the two poi spinning in a plane (not just parallel planes but in the same plane, chasing each other-and this can be done very fast too). The two poi are definetly moving in the same direction so I think that it is a little different than a butterfly. This move I am describing is very much like the way in a weave the poi are on one side for 3 beats (and obviously in the 4 or 5 beat weave they are on one side of the body for 4 or 5 beats), but what I want to learn, if it is possible, is how to have the poi do that for as long as I would like [stay on one side of the body]. I also know that when this is done it can be done on one sideof the body, on the other side of the body, or at any angle (such as tilted above the head on one side if one wished to have it that way). I saw something relating to this is the "sent-in" lessons, however it did not make enough sense to me. Could anyone please describe or give some insight to this "move". Thank you so much.-HessamP.S.-When I try to figure this move out my problem is that the strings either get wrapped around my wrists/arms or each other. I cannot see how it is possible to have the poi go in the same direction and not have to eventually unwrap them from each other, like in the weave (especailly the 4 and 5 beat weaves). [This message has been edited by hafsha1 (edited 09 April 2001).]

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Posted:you sure it wasnt a corkscrew with the Poi moving together? or a windmill??i do a corkscrew with my wrist together like on the video of the Quadriple CS on this site, and i do it with long strings. Then if i do the same motion with both hands it gets them moving together, in the same plane, same goes with a windmill...or maybe im just not understanding..."S"------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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Posted:if ya do a quadruple corkscrew and turn 360 degrees it does an extra 2 beatsjust do this a few times and presto 8-10 beats