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Posted:So here's what I'd really like to do:weave a poi web around another personTwirl poi while someone works their way through the strings, some kind of perfectly harmonized dance, a Capoeira kind of thing.The lawn chairs I use for dummies have taken a beating. I've realized that the other person would have to be really short. And the skinnier, the better!Anybody else done anything similar?If not, then since I gave my idea to everybody, then nobody else had better perfect it before I do!!
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Posted:I have not done, but have seen two twirlers reach around each other doing butterflies behind each others' backs.And I believe Dangerboy posted that, in theory, two people could do side-circles, walk up to each other, and wind up doing two side-butterflies.

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Posted:Prom and I do duets but he with staff (he can't figure poi out to save his life). There is actually a thread dealing with moves for tow or more people, if you search for it. Duo's take time, trust, patience and timing.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:hehe!My girlfriend sometimes gives me a hug while I'm twirling...I go from b/h butt Buttefly then she gives me a hug then I go into front butterfly (b/h her back)....then she can only get away when I choose to let her go
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sometimes we do a little waltz thing, but turning is a bit hard with someone attached to your torso
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