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Posted:Hephaestos, Next month, there is going to be a really good "rave" in Chicago called BUMP, its got richard humpy vission, diesilboy, paul johnson, funk master flex, 3 rooms. But it costs like 30 bucks. Ill be there spinning my comets or glowstixs probably, and i usually hand them off to go dance for a while, mix it up. _Edmund_

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Posted:Edmund,what's the date? im at school right now(missouri), but i'll be home for spring break, and if there's something good going on, im down for a road trip. Is most of the music gonna be drum-and-bass stuff(ie dieselboy)? i find it hard to spin my style to that stuff, it's too fast for me to whip the fire around(or beaming poi). but i'm not familiar w/ the other guys you mentioned...paul johnson's more trancy, isn't he?let me know the details, it might be cool to hook up....Hephp.s. age?


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