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Posted:the "burn the nose" move is very simple, but dangerous. only experienced spinners should do it.start spinning the poi forward on your sides.to "burn your nose", simply swing them to the inner side of your arm, together, or alternated.its best to push your head backwards a little, look up and stretch your arms to the most, otherwise you can REALLY burn your nose...not to mention eyes, face and hair. if you have long hair, please, pull it up in a ponytail. This girl I know burned almost all of her long and curled hair doing this move!this is a really beautiful move, and quite impressive. hope you like it!
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Posted:caveat: you need poi that are shorter than your arms to do this trick without serious risk
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Posted:Yeah, there's a guy around here who does it. Hair-raising (mine, not his). I don't have the, uh, my nose is too long to do it.

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Posted:I've never hit myself in the face doing that since my poi are short as I *really* enjoy doing inside moves, however when learning it my biceps took a beating! It's nice to go from this into thread the needle and then a weave.You can also move this from vertical plane (which is where it is at when doing this) to the horizontal, going over and under your forearms...then try to bring them as close together as you can without tangling.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir..."I prefer not to go where there is a path but to blaze a new one!"[This message has been edited by Pele (edited 16 March 2001).]

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Posted:Josh, you're right...you have to use poi that are shorter than your arms, otherwise you'll burn not only your nose, but arms, face and hair!!adamrice, there's no "too long nose" for this
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just tryPele, I've already tried all that moves combined with the Burn the Nose, and the result is a beautiful and mesmerizing combo. Amazing!

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Posted:I do that move all the time and my poi are longer than my inner arm measurement. It's easy!Just do a partial wrap around your hands until your chains are short enough!