Posted:Hey all,its been a slow day, so I thought I'd share something with you that I thought of and havent ever heard of before.Have you ever wished that you could convert between a set of Poi and a staff during your routine?now you can!get yourself a small climbing carabeena and lock in one of the finger loops on one of your poi to it.When you are going into one handed techniques, you instead of putting the other loops onto the same hand, you simply thread one of the loops onto the carabeena, which you are holding open with the ring and little fingers.Now you have a Meteor type thing, which can be twirled in one hand and swapped to the other just like a staff, and thrown and various other things...The audience (especially if it is fellow Poi'ers) will be amazed, especially if you keep the carabeena concealed during your two poi section.Getting out of it is a relatively easy thing too, once you have practiced it a bit.I hope this gives you guys some fun!
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Seeya,Josh-Poi innovator.

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Posted:*giggle*Poi innovator, creative genius!Hmmm... must give this one a try.
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Posted:Gotto try that one


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Posted:yeah, i'm gonna try that. lol,


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Posted:about a year and a half ago approximately i switched my handles from a leather harness to metal rings. the idea had 2 sides, the first (and foremost) being to be able to throw with much greater ease (no finger loops to slip off), and the second was like josh's idea, connecting the 2 rings with the beener was really easy and quick and could give me access to some meteor capabilities...

the problem i ran into was that the 2 chains (though mine are longer than anybody that i have ever come across) when connected together still were not quite long enough to make a workable meteor (at least for me)...

i didn't really try for very long and abandoned the meteor idea, but the throwing part really works well with rings. i think there is definite potential in this idea as josh said, just be aware that if you want to play with proper length meteors (meaning a meteor that is long enough to be able to grab the chain in the middle and spin both sides like poi) you might also want to add a second beener and 3rd length of chain to supplement the length of your own poi (though this would require 2 connections it would still be pretty easy with rings)

good luck



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Posted:I used to have a pair of poi that had 2 of these at the handles. It is possible to avoid the need for an additional piece of chain as long as you are not using ball chain. With normal chain you simply put more than one link onto the carabeena. You can have spare chain hanging on it then. They do feel slightly less balanced when there is loads of spare chain on your handles but for people trying to balance poi for throwing, it may be good for you...

Hope at least some of that makes sense...

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