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Posted:I've been messing about with wraps recently and found a very easy but effective one for a real quick and smooth change of direction.While spinning poi forward you put your hands under your arm pit allowing the poi to wrap around your forearm and upperarm then unwrap spinning the poi backwards.This will also work with backwards spinning and split timing.Anyone else have any wrap ideas - i've yet to try this one with fire.Cheers, Chris.

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Posted:Another change of direction move here. While spinning forewards, spread your legs. Wrap one poi under your leg and around the thigh. When it unwraps, it'll be going the other way,a nd the poi will be going opposite eachother at your sides. Twist to face the foreward poi so that that one is in front of you and the other is behind your back. On the downswing of the back one, bring it in front and integrate it with the other one, making the butterfly. It's easier that it sounds, and looks pretty keen. not to be done with fire though.

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Posted:not entirely correct danger boy altho not wrong is very possible to wrap up in the chain in many many ways without hitting your self with the end (i know roughly 15 right now)just practice and experiment with moving and flicking your arms, legs, neck..... what ever you want to wrap. if done properly it gets a really good effect (for 2 moves see my bottom comment in plagiarism... i know thats spelled wrong)another thing is try to hit your body part with the part of your poi about 1-2 inches from the hand holding it so you get the most chain to wrap with. =)



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Posted:....hmmmmmmm body wraps........painful when:(a) done in shorts/short sleeved tops
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(b) done repetedly
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-(c) done in wellies in the snow in shorts.........burnage down the welli and then trying to run for your life coz you reckon u is a jedi (poi) warrior and can out run fire (on snow n' ice in the dark!!)
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Painnpleasure.........just want the yoghurt thanks![This message has been edited by sammie (edited 08 January 2001).]


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