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Posted:Is this a good idea? I've never tried it but it sounds like fun!


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Posted:CoL 3 was won by a superstar beach spinner (if I've got my CoLs right...)

Now all you Brits gotta do is get yourselves a decent beach.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]



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Posted:Hi Caz.
My most beautiful poi experience was on a beach in Devon.
I got loaned to a centre to instruct for a few days, and there were a couple of us who did fire poi. We went to the beach at Westward Ho! (yep- does actually have a ! at the end.) to do some spinning one night.
The tide was in, and the surf breaking perfectly. There was a full moon and no wind at all (strange for british beaches! Specially in September!). We stood on the rocks that run the length of the top of the beach, and spun to our hearts content all evening.
There weren't crowds of people either, so we weren't made to feel like we were performing. It was all so beautiful... Could have been a different story if it was really windy though...
In Britain i suppose we always have the gamble of getting to the beach with good intentions, and not being able to light up because of gale force winds! Do it if you get no wind though!

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Posted:I wont take such disrespect! Weston Super-Mare may not be sunny, clean or full of bikini-clad beauties (they'd all get hyperthermia in no time), but it has its charm!!

Beach spinning is always fun - you're a bristol-er then? we ought to get a few people together and do an all-nighter on the beach... maybe not the best time of year for it, but stiff upper lip, be a true brit and all that!

Do you know about the humble spinners who gather regularly in Cotham Gardens? Come along, its free!!!!

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Matthew B-M

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Posted:I don't like it much, because I find that I move around a fair bit while spinning, and I find that doing it on the beach means that I move my foot and then move my weight, and my foot moves from where I think the ground is. I find it very disconcerting. I've only spun at Reclaim the Beach, though, so I couldn't really comment.

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Posted:I hope to hit the beaches this summer Maybe meet up with astar...?

But that means we have to get through winter first *BIG grin*

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Posted:I found some stunning beaches in south wales,a mix of sand and amazing rock formations with fossils embedded in the rock but i didn't have my poi with me. I think it would be fantastic to spin on a beach and will add it to my list of things to do when i finally learn to drive....



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Posted:Poi on the beach is an incredible experience, with the sound of the sea filling your ears, sand all around to put out any unexpected fires .

Its an altogether spiritual feeling!

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Posted:it most definitly is!

especially scrounging around for fire wood with Beth until deciding to light it all with the paraffin anyway...

aaahh what a night....

X x X x X

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Posted:sandy beaches = my favourite places in the whole world. kiss

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Posted:Mmm, yes the beach is my favorite place too!
Too bad i now live in the desert rolleyes
..but my favorite beach is only 4 hours drive, for when I get ambitious. weavesmiley

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Posted:i know a great beach in south wales , really long with a lot of sand, and sand dunes. haven't been there in years, but that would be a cool place to spin some fire.


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Posted:I lived by the sea in suffolk till a few months back, i used to poi every night and day on the sand.. Its wicked...


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