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Posted: [No, not another music thread. Well, not exactly.]

I'm constantly impressed by how radically my mood can change by listening to music. For those that don't know me, I'm not a moody person. In fact, I think my moods are pretty logical.

But I'm almost embarrassed by how radically a song can change my mood.

I'm at work, it's a grey rainy day, work's blah... but then, on my break, I threw on some solid techno, and all of a sudden I'm in an immidiately good mood.

I wonder what the biochemistry is. It's gotta be pretty influential because there are few things that really affects my mood more than music.

This summer I purposely listened to specific songs when I was having a great time, and then I listen to them now to think about that time. It's a nice and effective way to take a mental vacation.

Strange to think of some vibrations and resonance in the air of seemingly arbitrary techno beats and tones can affect my mood so radically.

Off to dance...

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Posted:I also find that listening to particular types of music affects my mood, they are usually quite radical changes of mood too.

Those songs that send a shiver down your spine are the best - what a feeling!!

Also hearing a song can trigger very vivid memories for me, so much so that I used music as an aid to doing revision when I was at school, i found it easier to remember my favourite songs and they, in turn, triggered memories of what I was revising at the time!

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Posted:Like I always say "my mood reflects my music, my music reflects my mood". So, I can listen to a song, and get all fluffy inside, and I can't stop grinning. Then there's the songs that feel like they're gonna pull your heart out (the minor bit in Minuet by Bach kills me every time I play it. The way I know if I play it right, is if I have tears in my eyes when I'm done)

I agree -- there's definately something there with biochemistry. I don't know how people can listen to an amazing song, that makes me bawl, and sit there, and say "what's wrong with you?" like I'm a freak. Obviously they don't get it. There's just something about music that stirs me mentally, emtotionally, and even physically.


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Posted:Of course... What else is music if not an expression of emotion? And have you ever tried to dance in complete silence without even humming a song in your head? Personally I find it impossible

I said perhaps, and thats FINAL.

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Posted:I agree and it's true music does do funky things to you. Maybe its something to do with your energy or something like the drumming healing circles and such.

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Posted:I listen to Classical music when im pissed off.

Anygtiume else its all pretty random...just ask simain and Bovril...


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Posted:Know exactly what you mean. Our thoughts influence our body chemistry and hence mood. Memories are triggered best by things like smells and sounds, and most songs will have memories attached, even if we can't really recall the memories. And with other songs I do just dig the cheesy lyrics or get instilled by a bouncy beat (but that's probably a clubbing flash back).

Funnily enough I wrote a post about this a while ago. Let me dig around in my 'Posts that never happened' file. Here we go:

Music moves us. It moves us to places and times far away. Music reminds me most of times when I've felt most in love with the world and my life in it, times of both joy and sadness. So I thought I'd share a few songs I've listened to today that have transported me far, far away.

Polyphonic Spree - 'The Beginning Stages of...' album, especially 'It's the Sun'. And Lemon Jelly - Spacewalk & Rambling Man. When I was travelling in New Zealand last summer I would always try to head down to a beach just before sunset. They'd normally be west facing and deserted with a snow capped mountain in the near distance. As the sun coloured the sky I played in my own personal paradise. Splashing through the waves and bouncing around I had some of the most memorable and fun spins I've ever had.

Leffield - Melt. 3 places for this one. 1 - Years ago my girlfriend would put this on whilst we fell asleep in each thers arms. A very happy place indeed. 2- Also the rays of a new day's sun shining through the trees of the rainforest just north of Brisbane, combining with music to wash over dancers weary from a night of dancing. 3 - Flying back from the EJC, this played just as I flew over the site and all the amazing memories of a wonderful week combined with existing memories come flooding over me. So this song always triggers many great emotions in me.

Faithless - God is a DJ. Glastonbury 2000. Oh my god! Big, big grin and tingles for this one as it was one of the best party nights I've had.

Bob Dylan - Most of the Time. If you know the songs lyrics it'd make sense.


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Posted:ok, i did some (well lots) of research into this a hile ago for an a-level project, and its very ture, but its not so much chemistry, i found it to be much more to do with associtaion, and timing.

If you are listening to a slection of music from ur hols NYC it will aid in bringing back teh memories, cos they are linked togethehr (its the same priniciple for revision, if you link info with a certain object or location, id the threory of computer life cycle can be linked with bread, then every time you think of bread ull be reminded of teh comp life cycle!).

Plus timing, if you are down and out then a fast bit of music will help you feel more awake, and higher up and more awake, halping you to feel better! if you are angry then classical or slow music will help to calm you and lower ur adrenaline levels!

if you dont belive me try it out!

ill dig out some of teh research this savo and try and post it?

later days

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Posted:My experience is that the music doesn't bring back the memories themselves (well, it does, but not to the same extent), but more the emotions associated with that memory. There are pieces which make me remember the bitterness associated with splitting up with an ex, and pieces that make me remember that actually I was happy before (all that remains now normally is the bitterness and cynicism). I go through phases with genre of what I prefer, and I think that talking about "Classical" music is just like lumping together indie, drum and bass, and manufactured pop tongue . I do find the most emotional pieces to be the Romantic ones, though, and some of the Bach choral or organ pieces. (mmm, Mass in B minor smile ). I'm just a moody b*****d, though. smile

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Posted:Case in point, after a 14 hour day of pure school work, I have just come home emotionally and mentally dead. What do I find? My old pure disco cds. I am now perky and cheerful, poi-ing to the Hustle ubbrollsmile

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