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Posted: So here's the deal. I work at a expencive private english school. I love my job and my students and all my class's are geat except for one. This one class is filled with little a**holes who do absolutely NOTHING. All they do is goof off and play and they always speak korean.They have absolutly NO interest in learning english. They are only there because their parents make them.
So the other day was report card day. Or as I like to call it revenge day. I was all pumped to write these comments in the little bastards cards. Then one of my korean coworkers says no you have to put good things in them because the parents might get angry and stop sending there kids to the school! So what exactly is the deal here? Am I just some usless puppet. Do I just sit here and do as they say or do I write what i want and end up on the shit list of all my co-workers?

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Posted:I'd say shit list.. but i think i have a better idea... Give them false hope, thats right, false hope... Give them something good... and then fail them in the end, that way the school gets the money, your employees won't haze you, and you get a few extra kicks out of it.

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Posted:that sucks. i personally would still write comments on the cards, but keep it diplomatic (not that you wouldn't). just because they spend money to send their kids there doesn't mean that you shouldn't worry about teaching them. i'm sure they paid a lot of money because they thought their kids would get a better education. and if they aren't learning because they are being lazy, then the parents should know. my mom's a teacher so i've seen her frustration with this exact same problem. i feel ya!

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Posted:most of my korean friends are very hard workers, an their parents have driven them pretty hard. my guess is their parents wont be too happy if they find their kids are lazy shits.

but be diplomatic.

or you could put vague statements like "his marks are in a class of their own". "i have never seen this level of commitment before" - stuff that can be read both ways.

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Posted:"Magnificent is not the word" is always a good one. Unfortunately all levels of education are now working on a bums-on-seats principle rather than a learning outcome one. It only takes a couple of disruptive idiots and the class is ruined for those who really want to learn. Flogging may be the answer.

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Posted:stebbins mate, i don't envy your situation.
what may help in your assessments could be a piece of diplomacy a good friend of mine uses when she breaks it off with a crap boyfriend - she tell them that they've done bad BUT tactfully leaves the door open IF they are willing to make changes.
this door-left-open statement could mitigate the disaster that may or may not eventually unfold for your class.
i do not doubt however, that to be employed at an esteemed school would not happpen without great faith placed upon your abilities!
Surely if the worst case scenario happens and your class mostly fails, perhaps your colleagues could corroborate with you.. as people can only learn when they want to.

good luck mate

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Posted:expencive private english school

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