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I made this thread just to help solidify my decision to stay drug&alcohol free from this point on.

I haven't really had to many bad things happen to me from drugs or alcohol, but I know that I am just the sort of person who I don't think will ever be able to use them the 'right' way. I am an extreamly addictive person and I just think I run way to much of a risk of my life going out of control. Im finding everything is more enjoyable when sobre anyways.

so yeah that's my thread. Now to think up a idea/design for a tattoo that represents this shift in my life.

AlfredAlfredSILVER Member
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Good luck with your "new life"...what r ur ideas for the tat?

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A sensible decision, good luck in your future, well done .

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Captain HazzardCaptain HazzardBRONZE Member
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Well done Astar!
I made that same decision a few years ago and haven't looked back since.

apart from cigarettes, dang they're hard to beat!

I only wanted to be 16... and free

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Well done Astar. Fabulous decision. And its your decision not anyone elses being forced onto you.

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Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Raphael96SILVER Member
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I walked that same road a bunch of years ago.

Its not an easy one, especially with most others around you NOT being on it, but it will get you to where you want to go.



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good on ya mate!

on the tattoo thing i like the phoenix idea, but am gonna have a think will let you know if the old brain comes up with anything

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indeed. congradulations, i used to smoke an eigth about every day or two for about 3 years, i've never drunk, or smoked cigerettes, but the weed was enough for me. stopped it totaly on the 11th march this year ... my birthday! you'll feel really shit for the next coule of weeks and you'll want it like mad... BUT DONT!!!!!!!

and seriously.. the money you save...... i've never bought so much random crap in all my life as i have over the last half year.. simply because now i can... dam you ebay....

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onewheeldaveonewheeldaveGOLD Member
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Originally posted by funkymonky:'ll feel really shit for the next coule of weeks and you'll want it like mad... BUT DONT!!!!!!!


It doesn't have to be that way.

If you're solid in your decision and know in your heart that you're not depriving yourself of a good thing, but freeing yourself from a habit you don't want, then the next few weeks can be great.

So many people buy into the pervasive belief that you have to go through hell to escape from addictive substances; it doesn't have to be that way.

When you see others taking the drugs you used to take, don't torture yourself by feeling deprived; instead, realise that you're the one who should be envied because you not longer have the need that they do.

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Good stuff homie,

I think that makes four of us... oh no wait, Ray's gone, three.

I applaud your decision solely because it seems to come from both your heart and mind. Not because it is the same as mine. Now you just gotta practice your "Na, I'm cool."

Then again, I've never encountered much peer pressure to use anything. But I'm wierd.

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Pink...?Pink...?BRONZE Member
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I haven't smoked or taken drugs since last August

But i occasionally have a drink, never drunk.

Well done. I'm sure you'll stick with it and have a great time.

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GidgGidgBRONZE Member
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It'll be tough (dont let anyone fool you), but you WILL feel better for it. And if you do get in a situation where you are tempted because of what is happening around you the best thing to do is leave. Remove yourself from the situation.

And remember that you dont have to do it alone. Were all here for you. Keep in touch.

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Originally posted by NYC:
Good stuff homie,

I think that makes four of us... oh no wait, ... three.
...Now you just gotta practice your "Na, I'm cool."

Then again, I've never encountered much peer pressure to use anything. But I'm wierd.

Who is the other person? Surely there must be more? Can I join the club? I am weird too. And I don't smoke or "smoke" or .... But I do

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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.

I avoided it for most of my life because I really had a gut feeling I just shouldn't trust myself with drugs/alcohol (really I consider cigarettes, drugs and alcohol all drugs)

This summer was just out of control insane. Got evicted for spinning fire in my apartments driveway/parking lot while a little drunk and stoned. That ontop of a couple of months worth of noise complaints nearly every night from either getting really drunk or stoned out of our minds made me realize it's just not getting me anywheres.

Even when I take anything after being clean, I just feel really off kilter and stuff. It seems my drug experiences are totally more off the wall and out there then almost anyone else ive met and compared it to. This is a sign to me that I have crazy sensitivity. Ive tried a handfull of soft drugs and they all do bad things to me that most people don't really experience.

And the more I do them the more it seems like im on the verge of completly loseing control. Ive faced loseing control to many times in my life without drugs. I certainly don't need new dependancys and problems associated with them complicating the balance ive found for myself.

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REALLY good choice... yeah, many of my friends are going completely clean. Myself, I've always been straight edge (nearly 17 and never been drunk, high, smoked, done anything, still a virgin, the whole chibbang) but I can imagine how it is. Well, I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I have a thing about sugar. It actually makes me high, so I guess I have been high. Not supposed to have too much at once anymore.

Oh, and not to be picky or anything, but it's "you and I" not "me and you"

Be Well, and keep it clean. You're taking better care of yourself that way.

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You and I is considered correctly mostly because it's polite by putting the word "you" first thus in a way putting more emphasis on "you"

With "me" first it puts more emphasis on "me"

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Okay, so at first, I'm like wow, brave soul. Given that shit up. Congrats bro! But now after tonight....I'm going to have to join you. I'm still strugglin trying to type this but I need to say adios to my friend the drink. I don't know of I'm strong as you though. I think it would truely be a healthy decision though, me thinks...


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The_Pirate_Dyke_BoyThe_Pirate_Dyke_BoyHOP Lord of the Pirate Admiralty
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astar has become straight edge, woe is me....

they generally get tats that are either a




X x X x X

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AdeSILVER Member
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yep, congratulations

x'ing up is quite a common tattoo for symbolising your journey on this path

EeraBRONZE Member
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Well done in your decision. One of the hardest things about going completely straight is getting other people to accept it; I've had people try and force drinks on me, even spiking my stuff which is downright insulting. It helps to tell them you've got liver mineralisation or something if they start to get insistant, it seems that not drinking because you don't want to isn't a good enough reason.

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Alright, I'm in!
I've been meaning to quit drinking cause it's just affecting my life in bad ways.
So, sign me up. I'll be right there with all yar newly liberatees from the substances!
in terms of tats.. what i do is i just get images that i like/design. no matter what they are, they will always symbolize where you were in your life (i totally lucked out, too. got a tat of a womyn warrior wielding a double headed scythe a few months before i started spinning. wicked-ass symbolism righ there )
in terms of specific images, i'm drawing a blank. i'll get back to you on this one though.
best of luck on your quests, all!

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I don't have any tattoo's as ive never been able to come up with something I truely loved, untill awhile ago when I came up with an idea for a lie detector/alarm clock composition with the arms on the lie detector that create the graph being blades and have a tattoo of 3 bleeding cuts that eventually fade into scar tissue (which will be created via branding or really deep cuts which won't be stitched shut)

That tattoo means a lot to me and I think it's absolutly loaded with symbolism, although I will let other people guess at it, it's going on my back as soon as I have the design perfected and have the money.

for the tattoo to represent giving up substances im just going to think and think about it untill I find something I really like. I have all kinds of ideas right now but none of them really "click" in my head. But im mostly on the same level of divi with tattoo's. I don't want anything that's as blatant as a XXX or sXe tattoo just because I like subtleness in art.

BTW divi and cage defiantly need some praise for their decisions. Also if either of them "fall off the wagon" ill be hunting them down, I expect them to do the same to me

Also im not judgeing any of the wonderful druggies on this board. For some people it just seems to "work" and theres all kinds of people it's working for. I just think if anyone starts to feel that something in their life isn't working then they should listen to that voice, consider it and take action.

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All right Astar, I've got you back. Thanks.

.:~* cage *~:.

Without further guilding the lily and with no more ado, I bid you farewell and sweet dreams...

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