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koolaid kolor kid
Location: Westchester, NY, USA
Member Since: 11th Aug 2003
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Posted:um i was just wondering if anyone had advice on dyeing ones hair within the confines of their own home... < this is pretty cool

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Posted:meaning....not going to a salon and doing it yourself? or using household items to dye your hair instead of store-bought hair dye?

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koolaid kolor kid
Location: Westchester, NY, USA
Member Since: 11th Aug 2003
Total posts: 13
Posted:do it at home sorta stuff, and if there are successuful ways of bleaching hair with household products i want to know

i used to have a handle on life..then it broke


Location: Brisbane
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Posted:household products??? i hope you are not considering dunking your head in a bucket of household bleach. why not buy some hair dye stuff?

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koolaid kolor kid
Location: Westchester, NY, USA
Member Since: 11th Aug 2003
Total posts: 13
Posted:bleach doesnt work on hair ..not that ive ever tried that... i think youre suposed to use peroxide or something?? hey youre from sydney, australia and my name is sydney!! haha whooo

i used to have a handle on life..then it broke


old hand
Location: Oregon
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Posted:Lemon juice works I think.. Never tried it myself but I think my sister has. Beer works as a good conditioner too..

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Posted:The dyes that work with wet hair (Feria and other L'oriel products) are much easier to get evenly distributed through your hair than the dry ones (Clairol, Garnier) but in my experience the colour doesn't last as long. Any red dye will come out very quickly, it's like standing in a pool of ribena for about 3 weeks while your shower, and it wrecks your best towels.

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Location: Rotherham, UK
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Posted:Hehehe, i used a red hair dye and as it washed out, the shower mat slowly turned from white to pink:).

Red dyes always wash out quickly, they are the dyes that will wash out the quickest.

BTW please dont try and use normal bleach on your hair, it will end up a mess

Lemon juice works, but it needs bright sunlight to bleach your hair, even then it only creates vague highlights.

Why can't you buy some dye?? if you are worried about chemical, why not just try a henna based dye??.

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holy man
Location: Upstate, NY
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Posted:What are you trying you trying to do? Lighten I assume. There are really no "safe" household products to use as far as I know. You can use lemon juice and hang out in the sun and depending on your hair, you will get low to medium highlights(by low I mean not as noticible, not low lights which are different). I have dyed my hair alot and had every color(not by choice) except purple. If you have dark hair and you are trying to bleach it you have to be careful. I have naturally dark hair and alot of people with dark hair can have red undertones. When you try to lighten or bleach, it will turn red. Brassy, then rusty red, then it goes to red-orange, then this strange color that is unaturally red(can you say carrot top?). As you can see I am an expert by screw up default .
In order to counter act this we have to get scientific(only a little). Every hair color dye has a base. Ash colors have a green base and can counteract the red, and tone down the brassiness. Violet can tone it down some too depending on your natural tones.
Then there are the actual developers and levels, but that is a whole 'nother lesson. Just ask the lady at the salon supply store and she can help. I say go to the salon pick something only a few shades away from your natural color and then slowly lighten, till you get where you want. Trial and error is what it's all about. Or you can find a ex hair dresser friend who can help you(I have one of those, he fixes my hair when I F it up).
Personally I like once ounce of winter wheat, one ounce of moon gold, two ounces of 30 volume developer and one ounce of shampoo. The shampoo mellows your tones and evens your highlights.
Well this rant may be useless, but I am bored at work this mornign and so here ya go. Course the other alternative to all this is to say the hell with it and pay the 75 bucks to have it done right. But for a guy with short hair I just can't justify that so I go to Sally's beauty supply and pay three dollars for my color.
I think I have an issue though, one lady stopped me and ask me all this stuff about color cause she though me and my friend worked there cause we were helping my other friend Jennie pick out color. Then the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted to become a member cause I am in there so much and I said sure. Then when I got home, I realized she though I was a shop owner casue she gave me full shop benefits on my card.
That means I can get those really cool giant hair dryers that you stick your head in like grandma used to do. I think I want one of those just to say I have one.
Just some more useless info from the land of poi.

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