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Posted:While the Fraggles are away the Hoppers can play. I'm opening this thread as the Official (yup, just said official ) Who Can Overtake Cantus's mamoth post count:

N.B. This is a light-hearted thread & no fraggles will be harmed in it's making. Plus, it'll give him something to do when they get back

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:oh cripes... quick, let's pretend we're not reading this thread - has anyone seen my pants? it's awfully windy in here.

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fluffy napalm fairy

fluffy napalm fairy

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I have a very confused fraggle sitting next to me wondering who this mythical 'c@ntus' fellow you're all on about is......

Haven't seen him on hop......we suspect he's lost someplace deserty, possibly disguised as a camel......

Incidentally, this fraggle (not that I know who you're talking about or anything) is currently grinning from ear to ear because a nice Indian man made him some beautiful bamboo doubles as a gift. Yay

Geologists do it in the dirt................ spank


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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are they anything like the ones my mum uses for the runner beans?


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Posted:Erm, bigger and more staff like I think. Less prone to snappage.

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Bobo DCL

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Posted:Wah! From the belly of the beast!

*promptly hides*

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Posted:ahem *bump*


for some odd reason this post now is more funny to me
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Gotta get through Pele first. Then me. Then Bender. Then Cass.

We're a pretty rough group to be messing wid', biatch.

it was entirely unintentional, i swear!!!

I was always scared with my mother's obsession with the good scissors. It made me wonder if there were evil scissors lurking in the house somewhere.

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