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It's for a alternative radio station. I figure theres enough creative people here to come up with a potentially cool title.

PS-good titles will be rewarded with multiple baked goods such as cookies and possibly cakes (These are imaginary baked goods, I do not claim to be offering tangible rewards for the titles and I denounce all legal liability associated with said offered baked goods)

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:The Rising Sun's King of Alternitive

Well... it looks almost like an Elvis like person, thats why I put in the king part, and since you're an alternitive station... der
and you got Japan's Rising Sun, so I dunno... it made sence to me p

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Posted:How about:
1. 101 ways to listen to alternative music
2. Rising sun 101
3. CD101 (just like it says on the poster!)
4. Radio sun01
5. 101 radio sun

hope those help

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What flavour are these imaginary baked goods just out of curiosity?

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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Posted:Whatever flavour you want them to be.

Also we came up with Shang Hi-Fi. Which had to stick because he had to submit it to the contest a few hours ago.

So baked goods for everyone.