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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set up a poi group?
All my poi friends have finished uni and moved away so I'm looking for new friends to twirl with.

I've started teaching some of my work mates to poi which makes a bit more of a group than me twirling by myself.

I've also recruited a few other people from parties I've been to but I'd really like to find some people who are already into poi.

I was thinking of putting some posters up at the uni and on other notice boards around town. I have looked in the "Meet Others" section and I am the only one from my area. Any other ideas on how to find where all the Coffs Harbour poi people are hiding?

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Posted:try starting a thread in the events/performances section of HoP you are more likely to find ppl that are in your area, or thinking of travelling to your area. (if u are real lucky one fo the moderators might even more it for u) I beleive that i have recently seen a threaad on this subject neway so maybe try doing a search for the topic


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