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Posted:Many of you may know this already, but for those who don't this could be as useful to you as it was for me today.

Switching on my PC I got a black screen with the words: -

'Data error reading drive C
Abort, Retry, Ignore, fail'

Switching off and on again several times, and trying the four options didn't help; niether could I boot into safe mode- it looked like my hard drive was finished.

Next I rang the shop where I bought it and told them the message; their conclusion was that my hard drive had given out and that there was nothing that could be done.

Luckily I remembered that, following the advice in a PC book, I had made a 'Startup' disk on a floppy some months ago, also I had taken brief notes about how to use it.

This is meant to be used in situations where the PC won't boot from the hard drive, by putting the start up disk in the floppy drive the PC boots from that instead; from here you can run some basic tools like scandisk.

Running scandisk revealed errors on the C drive, it repaired them, but the hard drive still wouldn't work.

Running scan disk again and doing a full surface scan twice enabled me to get it working again.

I know that this is a temporary state of affairs- once bad sectors appear on the hard drive it is only a matter of time before it fails completely.

However, making a startup floppy gives you a chance to get the hard drive running a bit longer, and enables you to get important data backed up.

Without a startup disk today I would have been left with a non functioning PC and no way of accessing the data on my hard drive.

An easy way of creating a startup disk in Windows 98 is to go to 'HELP', click the 'contents' tab and type in 'Startup'. Follow the instructions, you will need a floppy disk. It's probably worth making two in case one fails.

Then put them somewhere safe.

It's also worth getting a book or help file which tells you how to use it.

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Posted:windows and microsoft = fun!

i had to format my drive today just to install my adsl modem!

hugs mate you aint alone.

good job i never keep any files on drice c:

every thing is on other partitions.


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Posted:The machine that runs my shearboxes did exactly the same, but suffered from a completely terminal failure and couldn't be booted up from the floppy, losing me all my consultancy and student data. Ironically I had been planning to replace the machine for a while but the lab upstairs had such huge problems with program compatability (it was designed to run on a 3.1 machine, will grudgingly run on Win95, anything later than that, forget it) that I was putting it off until I had finished the workload. It died with one set to run.

When they go wrong computers suck but it's becoming progressively harder to do our everyday jobs without them. We just have to pray to the Keyboard God that nothing bad will happen

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Posted:Umm Norton is a wonderful program expensive but wonderful. Get the Works, not just the virus protection and you wont have to worry about your HD anymore. Ohh and it usually isnt windows that causes your HD to poo itself... it is usually a crappy HD.

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Posted:somtimes computers just get a little over heated too. try locateing the little vents on it and pour a glass of water in there
that should help!

thank you drive through

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Posted:hey shadow...can you take a look at my cup holder? i think there's something wrong with it. you know, that little thingy that when you press the button, it pushes the cup holder out and there's the hole in the middle? that's a cup holder right?

LMAO....i stand at my original statement....switch to crack-lite! love ya shuga!

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Posted:I have a powerbook g4 (a/k/a the TiBook). No software problems, no virii. But hardware is another story.... I must bash it around an awful lot. Luckily, AppleCare has paid to replace my screen, my airport card, my battery, my AC adapter (somehow I ripped it open)... to fix a RAM slot.... yay, AppleCare.

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The plural of virus is "virus" or "viruses", certainly not "virii"...

Hardware is a pain. All software sucks, all hardware sucks.

Spot the person who's been working with computers for far too long...

Luckily, I don't have to deal with Windows (or M$) either. I'd go insane if I did.

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Matthew B-M:
The plural of virus is "virus" or "viruses", certainly not "virii"...What?! Next you're going to tell me that the plural of Taurus isn't Tauri, or that the plural of penis isn't penes! Don't do this to me, man!

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Posted:Simple tip for PC owners:

Buy a Mac.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:sorry, triggered a pet peeve.

runs away and hides

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Posted:I use a PC personally, and a Mac professionally, and in my opinion, on-screen technology peaked with the Etch-A-Sketch...

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