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Posted:I received an email like this from "PayPal" on an email address that isn't even on my PayPal account anymore. It's a spoof email attempting to steal people's identities and credit card numbers. DON'T use the link in an email like this to enter any personal info! It looks like PayPal, but it's all done by hackers. I have only used my PayPal account less than a dozen times ever, and they tried to get me, so I'm sure people who use it a lot are more at risk. I didn't fall for it, and I hope none of you fell for it either. Watch your bank and bill statements closely!


Dear PayPal user,
PayPal is constantly working to increase security for all of our users. To ensure the integrity of our payment network, we periodically review accounts.
Your account will be placed on restricted status. Restricted accounts continue to receive payments, but are limited in their ability to send or withdraw funds.
To lift this restriction, you need to complete our credit card verification process. At least one credit card in your account has been unconfirmed, meaning that you may no longer send money with this or any other card until you have completed the credit card confirmation process. To initiate the credit card confirmation, please follow this link and fill all necessary fields:
Thank you,
The PayPal Account Review Department


The link in the email actually takes you to a different URL. It looks just like the PayPal site, but the URL has an IP address in it. I forwarded this email and info to PayPal to take care of the spoofer.

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Posted:i had an email like that one a while ago from ebay. it looked totally real, until i noticed that the links on ebays name didn't work.

they were asking for all the details i'd used previously when buying "for security purposes".

i thought it strange that they'd do that so i ignored it.

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Posted:please contact paypal direct and send them what you have been sent and all information you can.

any link to paypal's URL web address is https://www.....
<<https means secured your link is non secured, the whole of paypal is on secured if you have an account with them, so any one that receives a similar email contact paypal.



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Posted:Yeah I didn't put ANY info in the fields cuz it seemed fishy to me from the start. And I did contact them about it.


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