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i am going to be in london, near clapham/waterloo, if any of you know where that is (cause i sure dont! )

near Glass's actually. i will be visiting and a few of my friends will be visiting also, but they are looking for a cheap hostel somewhere close by. if any of you had some ideas, they would be so much appreciated and welcome

thank you all in advance


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Can't help you with hostels I'm afraid, as whenever I'm in London I seem to be irretrievably lost... but I can offer you all a place to stay about half an hour on the train from Charing Cross or London Bridge... three spare beds and plenty of mattresses...

Costs about 6 return on the train, so it'd probably work out cheaper than a hostel, but we are right out of London, place called Sevenoaks. Let me know if you're interested, and see you on the 1st!

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visit this site

london hostel


the tube - i found this helped me alot with oriantating myself with london, ps its not that spaced out either most places are within walking distance from eachother - for clapham and waterloo (both south london), they're on the northern line (the black one )

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Clapham to Waterloo is certainly not what I'd consider "walking distance", it's a good few miles (not that I'm convinced I could actually do it without a map, south of the river, nuff said).

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i know that it is not exactly near waterloo station but if u continue up to Kings Cross there is a hostel up there called "The Generator" it has won soooooooo many awards for value, fun, entertainment value, and best hostel awards. I went last year and had me a ball, so definatly worth a try. Something like 1000 other backpackers to get drunk with...check it hik it is acctually closer to Russel square station (or i might have made that name up) but it is something like that


and as if that isn't enough there is apub round the corner called "The Goose"...what more can i say

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thank you all for the info, i can see what i will be getting myself into when i come to london. not only cold and probably raining, but bloody confusing too.

joe, thank you for the offer to crash at your place, another time if the offer is still there, sounds great. my trip is so completely short this time i am almost sad. so we are trying to keep everything very close together so as to maximize time with one another.

will you all be coming to the Poi in the Park on saturday?

see you all soon


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What about the wombles social centers(nice and

Have a nice time,

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