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Forums > Social Chat > any poi'sters out there in thailand/malaysia?

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Location: Dunedin, NZ
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
Total posts: 28
Posted:i be headin ova to thailand and malaysia for bout three weeks and jus wonderin whether their be any spinners out in that part of teh world?

since i'll be livin the holiday life of sun n sand figured it be quite the perfect time to get sum serious practice time in


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Sep 2002
Total posts: 2617
Posted:I'll be over there for a few months next year, when you going? Meenik's over there at the moment. Do a search there's a thread not fair from the top in social with a few recommendations.

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.


Location: la-la land
Member Since: 15th Feb 2002
Total posts: 2419
Posted:the Fraggels are in India at the moment.. they may be heading that way - not too sure of the internary - but then again I'm not too sure they do either

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big and good and broken
Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
Member Since: 29th Aug 2002
Total posts: 7330
Posted:as far as i can tell the standard of spinners in thailand is high - when mr knox came at the start of summer there were tales of isolated weaves aplenty.

i'll think you'll find a couple of people to play with at least...

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Bristol, UK
Member Since: 19th Dec 2001
Total posts: 3009
Posted:Do a search and you'll find there's a daily juggling meet in Bangkok and spinners all over Thailand.

Happy travels

Location: Dunedin, NZ
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
Total posts: 28
Posted:thanks peeps....will do bit of a search..but wow teh isolated weaves a plenty aye coleman.. krazy

i is headin away next week for bout 3 weeks.... and i be pretty excited hopefully i;ll be able to catch sum fellow spinners round sumwhere..maybe even gets sum tips since i be quite the n00b

Location: Bangkok
Member Since: 11th Feb 2003
Total posts: 85
Posted:Isolated weaves in Thailand?!? At least i am there and can do em
drop me a line and i can show you (in Bangkok)


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