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my mate chez dropped round some cage poi and a big old bag of wire wool last night, this makes my poi collection up to 4(5 if i dismantle my meteors)
so im looking forward to a bit of fire on the park tonight and some huge sparky circles and not getting carried away and doing across the body moves.
the next set i plan to get will be poi heads and rope wick all the way up, no safety margin, move or burn, they should be fun to use.
any advice on these two types of poi and their use will be very welcome.
ill let you know how it goes tomorow, heres hoping my knee doesnt dislocate again.
but how good does it feel when you try a new set of poi for the first time you all know what i mean im sure.

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He he. Virgin poi, sacrificed to the Gods of Great Fire....

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mmm... take some pics so we can all see.
Also tell me if you get heaps of slag and burns from the wire wool.

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my thoughts?

can't believe the weather up there is good enough for spinning! has been grim as hell down here - damn cold or damn windy both no good for a nice spin


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After I make new set of poi, I usually let them sit a while in a place I can see them alot so I can admire them. Then I usually come up with some excuse to not burn them for a while longer (well, I'm flying to california next, and it'll be easier to get them thru security if they don't have any fuel residue on them...)

By the time I get around to actually burning them, I'm usually hunched over them wispering things like, "yes my precious, we won't let those dirty little raverses hurts you..."


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i've got a new set of toys, a pair of flails. i spent ages making them, but now i'm too scared to spin 'em! they look totally evil!
i've spun them once, but whacked myself in the back of the head leaving a bloody large lump!


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