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Sean B

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Posted:Hey all,

I've been spinning non-fire for a little over 18 months in the North Eastern US. Now I'm ready to make that leap into fire, but want to be prepared and safe...

I have all the proper fire eqiupment but would like to know where I could find some armwraps. Kind of like the ones Sage in her video is wearing?

I could make something like that myself, but didn't know if I could easily buy them. I'm also interested in fire-resistant clothing. I've seen a few sites for firefighters that offer good protection, but wanted some input from you all?

Thanks for the time, wisdom, and direction!

Any links would be great!

Sean B

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Posted:Well, the arm wrap thinggees ive seen them for sale once. When i went back to the site to order a pair they didnt have them. I suppose you could make them out of suede. My freind has a bunch and i havent gotten around to experimenting yet. You dont need arm wraps unless you are going to wear a short sleave shirt. As for protective clothing...Anything of a pure cotton weave will do. When i spin all i wear when its warm is a long sleave cotton shirt and a pair of old JNCO's. When its really hot out i wear no shirt at all, wait till your confident enough in your skills to spin without a shirt for the potential to burn yourself is extremely high. When its cold i wear a thick army surplus denim shirt/jacket. You can layer up to according to temperature. For your head a bandana will do but a hat will do better. Turn it backwards though.. it makes it easier to see what you are doing.

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Posted:i made some arm protector thingys out of some thick football socks, i just cut a big hole in one end and a smaller hole, my thumb gose through the smaller hole and my fingers through the bigger one. not strictly fire proof but stop me getting burnt
seems you can make most poi related things out of socks arnt they great?

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Posted:Its good to be cautious...but in 2 years of spinning fire regularly I can't remember ever burning my self. I think it looks more dangerous than it actually is. Don't wear anything that will melt and you should be fine. I haven't really seen anyone wearing those armwrap things your taking about...but they should be easy to make. Hmmmmmm I feel there may be a gap in the market!!!!

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Posted:I've made arm protecters out of a piece of leather that I tied on with cotton laces before, but frankly I've found it isn't worth the bother most of the time. Just take your fire stuff slowly and build up your confidence one move at a time.

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Posted:the only protection i need is a flat cap cos i set fire to my hair once, if you have 18 months of experience under your belt you should be fine, just remember the chains do get hot and if you do bicep wraps with fire expect burns. i did.
if they will provide you with the confidence to do fire wear them but i find the less encumberance the better and easier it is.

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Posted:yeah. honestly, i bought really long leather glove things (with no fingers) with the idea of wearing them for poi mostly, but i never do. not to say they aren't fun for other things though... but its easier just to wear a long sleeved cotton shirt or something. and if its hot you can roll up the sleeves so they just cover your upper arms so you can still do bicep wraps.




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Posted:I just wear a pair of black wideleg jeans that are slightly to short for me so they don't get in the way, and a red coke TShirt that my work gave me but told me i'm not allowed to wear at work anymore. Also, now that my hair is growing out i wear a touque which has earflaps that cover the side of my face. I probibly won't be looking into "safer" cloths for a while, granted i have gotten a few burns, nothing major.

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