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  Posted: My boyfriend reads it over my shoulder when I'm browsing the forums. And now I have my own PC, I surf with my son sitting on my lap. He asks to see the dragon on the home page

So if you surf HoP with someone, whether it is in person or online using a browser in a chat program, who is that person? I would be interested to hear whether more than two people surf HoP together regularly

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  Posted:sometimes my cat joins me.....he particularly enjoys walking all over the keyboard and sticking razor sharp claws into my lap as he purrs blissfully unaware of the pain he's causing me...or is he?


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  Posted:i generally surf hop in what ever spare time i can get, i never used to be off it when i had my accident last year.
some times when nancy is loged in i ask whats going on on the board.
blue cat used to anoy me he was allways over my shoulder every morning and he had access to HoP at the office!

I probably have enough spares to knock nancy up her own PC but that means the flat would be more cluttered for the sake of just borrowing mine now and again.


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  Posted:i only surf with myself and the other voices in my head. we always argue over who gets to type, but we usually sort it out.

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  Posted:arsn and I and burnt_one surf together at our house and at work together as well, which is fun....

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  Posted:Don't deliberately surf with anyone but occasionally my boss catches me at it. And I make a point of playing the videos when my lab's full of students as they're a bit more interesting than watching rocks break.

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  Posted:some times my beloved Kazeko stands behind me or sits beside me. Or I stand/sit with her while she surfs.

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  Posted:I used to surf at work by I have all my work mates surfing HoP with me...

Thay are not firies...but they don't seem to mind having a quick look...

They really like the photos.


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  Posted:i surf Hop at work, and try to make sure that the boss never sees me doing it, my co-worker seems to think all i do is sit on here and in teh chat room talking to ppl, but hey he was posting too last night! not my fault if its adictive,

He always say
"whats so funny?"
when i am reading posts and giggling, i dont think he gets it!

oh well...later days guys

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  Posted:I tend to surf with my cat Sooty who seems to like HoP very much. He just sits next to my key board and head butts the screen a lot.

Also my little teddybear sits next to me when i surf. He doesn't say much though.

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