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Forums > Social Chat > why i hate haileybury, or a thought on thinking outside the box

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Posted:I hate haileybury, pure and simple, not because its the school and thus i naturally rebel, but for its small minded anally pedantic idiocy.

I, Dyke Boy, am the Haileybury anti-christ, not by choice, but because i am "subverting" the pupils with the MOST hienous creation ever:


I am not taking the piss, DUW will testify, hes been told that he is starting to hang around with me too much and that he has been getting into trouble a lot more as a result, and that our Housemaster (McGonnegal's job, only he's a closet homo, with a shorty complex) doesnt like it. Also, I've corrupted on of the yr 9 kid (Insane Blade). Corrupted is the word he used. But, wait, IB asked me to teach HIM, so wouldnt it be rude of me to reject him, and against house ethos of all equal across the years? Our use of the TV room is anti social, he says, and was going to make us do it outside with the onset of winter, took arguing to sort that one out. Oh, and he doesnt like our wasting of time practising.

but wait, isnt that, our housemaster just doesnt like ME?

Isn't it the case that the "free time" we are given in the evenings between homework sessions should be used to relax? and we chose the TV room cuz it is so far out of the way (for no known reason) that no one uses it unless there is a decent film on TV, in which case we stop anyway.

I firmly believe that the Housemaster (who I wont name has it in for me personally for no reason cuz ive been a model student this year (got photographic editor of school magazine and hes still not impressed) and i think he was raped by a clown as a child and thus hates any "circus stuff"

im not paranoid, Kenshin, DUW and IB will bak me up.

EXAMPLE: i was practicing with aova guy (Oli Cox) and he came in and told us that we had one hour to complete our UCAS applications, even though the rest of the year group (in the house) has until tues nite midnite (?, they dont have to be done til december)
It took me 2 hours with the help of my tutor, who had to stop his work to help me (god bless him). Not that i was ahead of the rest of the house in filling out the UCAS anyway (other that Oxbridge guys). He said he wasnt prepared for us to be messing around when there more important things to do.

1) that was thurs nite, we still had until tues, and i was doing 1hr a nite on it
2) how can we work non stop without a break? we need to relax, its like setting holiday work.
3) its f*cked up and im really pissed off.

there ive had a rant.

i feel better

i just hope Kenshin, IB and DUW will bak me up on ere...

X x X x X

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Mr Hands

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Posted:I hear ya man, but by that time I was disbelieving the whole 'education thing' anyway. did anyone tell you you could go to uni after your GCSE's or you don't HAVE to do A-levels, that there are apprenticeships out there for jobs taht you really want to do, that the way you answer the question is more important than what you put in the answer, that they only care for your parents money and are just waiting to hoof you out the door conme summer next year... by 16, I was wearing trainers into a uniform school because no one said I couldn't. It wasn't against the rules or anything, but everyone was expected to wear these dodgy black leather things... isn't it funny how the material that is most associated to sexual craziness has pervaded into school and the workplace? Or is it the other way round... God I hope it isn't that...




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Posted:okay im not sure how these boarding school thingys work but why dont you try talking to someone in a more superior position than this power crazed looney ..ie your tutor or even the head. the only downside is he may make oyur life even more fustratingly hellish. you have you friends to back you up .. ohh try get a dictaphone and record what he says to you and your friends..hehe proof. okay maybe thats going over the top but im sure you catch my drift .. take care and good luck.

she who sees from up high smiles

Patrick badger king: *they better hope there's never a jihad on stupidity*



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Posted:Yeah, I'll definitely back DB up on this one. His housemaster (I'll call him Scratcham to preserve his anonymity) is the most up-tight and opinionated individual I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I have to say, I'm really glad he's not -my- housemaster.

DB has never done anything to subvert anyone, except be himself and not spin in a darkened, locked room just in case someone sees him and wants to learn how to do it. Seriously, that would be the only way Insane Blade would not want to learn poi from him.

Okay, so he was the one who got me into fire spinning, but knowing me I'm just stupid and crazy enough that I might have done it anyway.

Narr - Unfortunately the housemaster is pretty much the authority when it comes to this sort of thing. Only the master and the second master could overrule him, and they're really busy. They might agree with Scratcham anyway.

So here's hoping he'll lighten up and get over his childhood clown-raping, DB.



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Posted:I'm afraid i cannot think of anything constructive to say so i'll just offer my

's of support.

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Posted:Unfortunately people are scared of what they don't understand. You'll find it out of school too, particularly in the form of middle aged stickybeaks with grey hair and bad shoes who pretend to be security guards at my lab.

Point out that if it was a ribbon on a stick rather than a tail on a ball it'd be part of the Olympic gymnastics set. Either that or tie him up and dump his body somewhere.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.


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My advise, fec'im. he can rule his little roost, you get to fly away.

for the oppressed.


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Posted:thsnks for the support, i was very pissed off and i wanted a rant.

yeah, scratch is a puppet to the powers that be, replacing a housemaster, who was to those who had the pleasure of nknowing him in that role, no less than Dumbledore himself (call him Davo). He was the kinda guy who knew that kids will be kids, and once busted a load of kids blazing and only put them down for smoking cuz he had no choice. he was cool
*sighs at the memories of that year...*

thanks guys, dont foregt hop day 26th!

X x X x X

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The Downunder Wonder

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Posted:basically eveything the dyke says is true. i back him up fully.

but we will keep on spinning!

Bonza Mates


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