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Posted:Hello all I didnt plan to log on to HOP for a long time as I dont really have much time these days but I noticed that my account went a bit messy and I have reason to believe that some rude person has been delving into my account!


Anyhows I am writing to explain! If you have recieved an off PM from me it was not me. I have barely been on the net recently... hell my whole inbox got deleted recently....

I would also like to extend a warm hug and a smile to whomever has been looking into my privacy. Thank you very much I hope you recieve your karmic dues.

With love light and peace to all


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Posted:that sucks ms pixie! sorry to hear that but nice to see you here anyway. Just wanted to say hi and hope you're ok. keep in touch. I'm back this weekend so let me know what you're up to if you have time to meet up and play


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Posted:what a bastard! i'm so sorry that happened to ya drome...such a violation of privacy! i'll send out some karmic vibes for whoever it was and give my squinty eye of doom (of course my good friend does the squinty eye of doom much better than anyone i know...i'll have to send you the pic...it's quite amusing)

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lemme at 'em!

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Posted:That happened to me once - an ex-girlfriend was the ultimate culprit, though the person who actually did the hacking into my email account was her latest screw - she wasn't computer savy enough to pull it off alone. Severe pain in the ass! Luckily, everyone who recieved various emails was very understanding (Spritie here in HoP among them) and had actually been more cinfused than pissed off about anything I had supposedly sent.

I double dog dare anyone to do that again!!!


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Posted:That sucks so much...

Tell ye what Cole, you hold em, I'll beat em, then we'll swap ok?

Then we can let ms Pixie have a go too.

On a more serious note tho, Pixie do you reckon they've accessed your account from your PC?





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Posted:cani insert things in their anal passage please?....

hang on...didnt this happen to cass a few months ago?...

im guessing you all have an easy to remember password as do most people...this is silly....

a few tips on choosing a password:

1)dont use sex, god or love...these are the 3 top passwords.

2)have one that is nothing to do with anything that is spun.. this includes "poi" "staffer" etc..

3)football teams, names of pets and names of family are also dumb and asking for trouble..

4)the best thing to do is to gete a dictionary...flick through it and stop at a page..the first word your eyes come across...have that as your password...

oh...this is UCOF btw

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Konsti/UCOF:
cani insert things in their anal passage please?....

hang on...didnt this happen to cass a few months ago?...
I hope not

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Posted:I have heard that any word in any language can be haked in about 30 seconds. If you add a number or capital letter that takes longer like 90 seconds. Throw a number in there and it takes tha hacker a few hours. The best password is not really a word at all, has at least eight letters, with one capital and one number. Take a sentence or phrase you can remember and take the first letters, have one letter capital and replace one with a number.

Example: take the sentance "I really like to poi in the evening" your password might be "irl2piTe"

Ok so it's a ghetto sentence but you get the idea. The other thing is I rotate my passwords every three months. So the first password you start with gets used once and then does not come around again for a full year.

A friend of mine who works in computers and passwords and stuff told me about all this. It seems to make sense to me anyway. Well, just though I'd add my two cents

Peace and poi to all

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Posted:well done Ieuan,
a most logical suggestion.
It has both the attributes of difficulty for the cracker and ease of recall for the user due to its mnemonic format.

In other words, easy for us s**t hard for them


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Posted:That sucks big time. I hope there's no permanent damage done.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.


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Thats horrible. I really hope that the person that done that gets what he deserves.

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Posted:Hey, hey guys... lets not be too harsh on this ellusive guy.. I mean, hey, he probably has his reasons, he has his story too... So what if he's turned out to be a prick in life, he was probably attacked by an angry swarm of slugs when he was twelve, or had a mildly angry daddy who made him slightly upset when he didn't want to eat green food. Then again, he could possibly have attended a school where all the teachers gave him criticism because he a got a quesiton wrong every now and then, maybe even he was dumped by a girlfriend... sometime... and this filled hiim with rage for everyone... I mean, come on, this guy, he probably is really lonely and spends all his time dreaming about frineds and other poeple who don't waste their time being lonely and stuff, heck, in his twisted little mind, mainmed through a lifetime of the unique torment and rejection that this poor soul has suffered, he probably thought he was doing you a favour by emptying your in box... So, lets all spend a moment, to give a thought for the idiots out there, I mean, hey... if it weren't for those selfish and ignorant fools, we'd have a lot of unemployed policemen, and we don't want that... do we now...


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Posted:the great advantage of being a HoP regular is that chances are that you are luverly and that 'malicious abuse' of your account by a third party is immediately seen as out of character.

unless of course you are seven of nine, becuase we all know how much coughing up a furball gets on ya nerves...

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Posted:bum news
love your attitude to it though

eh up kelly, long time no see.