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  Posted: Ok, I just found out the best news and I have to vent some of this pent up energy here. I have the best freinds in the world! I found out last night that my friends are making it possible for me to go up north, 10 hours from here, to see the race I attend every year in my college town. I've gone through a lot of crap this summer and I wasn't going to make it to the ProRally (off road racing). But through the persistence of some awesome people, I'm leaving in a few hours!

My buddy who I haven't seen in a year is coming from Seattle for the race and he's working this little "miracle" for me!

I will be in my most fav place on earth with long-lost best friends, beer, the best rally cars on the continent, and the beautiful fall colors of northern Michigan. It just doesn't get any better!

Ok, I'm off to pack. Thanks for indulging me once again!


Has anyone ever gone to a lot of trouble for you? How do you thank them? I'd like to hear other stories and how you repaid the thanks!

Without further guilding the lily and with no more ado, I bid you farewell and sweet dreams...

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  Posted:a few times when me and my (now ex) fiance were living apart (and i mean 400 miles apart), one of my good friends knew how much i missed my him and wanted to see him that he drove all the way up to fresno from las vegas and back in the same day just to bring him to me for a week. it's like a 12 hour drive round trip. i still repay the thanks anytime i can by helping him out with whatever he needs (be it lending money if he needs it and i have it, being there for him when he needs a friend to talk to, etc.)

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  Posted:Interesting coincidence on the thread here.

Once upon a time, I really wanted to go to Burningman. A person I vaguely knew had a ticket to said festival that she wasn't going to use, so she decided on a "pay it forward" type of situation - she'd give it to some deserving person. I was a poor grad student at the time, so I threw my name into the hat, but she didn't pick me. Knowing this, my friends bought me a ticket, packed me into a truck with a few of my them that were driving there, and sent me to Burningman!

Some people are way too cool.

One day I'll be taking someone to burningman at my expense.


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  Posted:Wow! What a great thing to have happen!

My Best friend does amazing stuff for people all the time - but one night stands out especially for me.
A good friend of mine Jimmy (I've spoken about him a bit on here, he introduced me to fire twirling) passed away and I found out at 11pm at night. I was absolutely distraught, none of my friends from college could calm me down, so one of my college mates called Jarrett on my mobile so I could talk to him.
We talked for a while and then he asked to speak to one of my mates for a second. When he got back on the phone he said 'Hey, I have to work early tomorrow - will you be okay?' - I got cranky at him cause he had never in the past cut me off. I took the situation waaay the wrong way!
Anyway, I hung up the phone and my college mates tried their best to make things okay (bless 'em!). Four hours later, there's a knock on my college door, I open it and find Jarrett standing there - he had asked to speak to my college mate to make sure that they would stay with my until he got there. His work story had been a ploy, he had jumped in the car and driven four hours in the middle of the night, just to be with me.
Nothing could have helped more that night than falling asleep with a big hug from my best mate.
I will always love Jarrett for all the amazing, selfless things he does for me and all his other mates.
He's a bit of a legend in my eyes! Soppy, yup...

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  Posted:man... man i wanna cry now..... thats just too beautifull...


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  Posted:*sniff* we really need a happy crying smilie!

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  Posted:my best mate nick came back from the iraq war and it was his birthday so we were all saying what can we do?

SO i put together a proposal between me and my mates to hire out the local rock club and have a rock night in his name, so we did, i put upfront all teh money to amke it happen, organised 90% of it and sorted out buying ballons, inftatable toys and so on, and the only other things teh guys helped with was blowing teh ballonns up and spreading teh word to his mates!

Now all i needed was for him to say thank to me and he did, and so i he payed me back a million times!

i know hell sort me out on my 21 next year! i know they all will!

you dont really need to be thanked when yuo sort out a mate, its just something you do to be a mate....IMHO!

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  Posted:Friends like that really do rock. It makes you all warm and fuzzy to know them. Well done to the lot of you.

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