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Posted:does anyone else have day when they just cant poi?! i have just been trying to poi for about an hour and am for some reason totally cack handed!!i normally have trouble with my evil left arm but today both. i got so angry i trew my sock poi and now i cant find it

ooh and just to stray off topic does anyone know how to rid their house of ants, theyre all over mine!, ive cleaned the house -total spring clean- and the buggers are still wondering around. so out came the bug spray - now theres more (i guess in payment for killing their friends! )i.ve tried following their lil marching trail but they just seem to be marching round aimlessly with no home. they're just getting real annoying, im sat watching telly , look down and one of my arm freckles starts moving - for a split second i think 'thats it ive finally go doolally - then realise im totally covered in the ba&*3#ds..Help!

on the bright side ive just found an oldskool rave tape, ho cool is that!

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Posted:quote:thats it ive finally go doolallylol
i haven't heard that word for years!

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Narr:

ooh and just to stray off topic does anyone know how to rid their house of ants, theyre all over mine!, You need one of these

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Posted:There is a gel you can buy i can't remember what it is called when one ant comes in contact with it and goes back to the nest they all die, not very nice but it works.

i had one of those days yesterday

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Posted:to answer the first question, ya i have days when i can't poi for s&#t. it's quite frustrating. especially since i dn't always have time to practice so when i do have time i like to take advantage.

and to rid yourself of ants....well, they won't cross a line of chalk, so as a preventative measure you can chalk the entrances of your house or around the perimeter. and for me, i usually just used the Raid ant and cockroach spray and that worked really well. so does hairspray. but keep in mind, when you get rid of the ants, spiders tend to replace them.

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Posted:Spiders are good - they kill all the other insects and pretty much keep to themselves

Ants tho... find the gel SilverShadow mentioned - it's a poison that takes 8 hours to take effect or summat, so the lil'worker ants collect all this tasty sugary food... feed it to the larvae and the queen... and then it turns to poison and it gets the lot very effective.

On bad poi days i find it helps to purposefully whack myself with them a bit... gets out the frustration at least



Posted:Bad poi days hit all the time... Aim for a wall with your throwing tho, that way you can find your sock-poi again... hehehe

As for the ant's, Talcum powder or peppermint essence across their little anty trail if you don't want to kill the little sod's, or as the guy's above said Raid powder is pretty good cos they carry it back and the lot get nuked...





(*) (*) .. for the gnor ;)
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Posted:cool thanx guys

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Posted:today i got so fed up with them i threw them away too! ran off and got them agin tho

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Posted:yep - had one of those days on Tuesday - sported a nice fat lip for a couple of days - trying to work in continous throws with doubles


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Posted:I am told a borax and sugar mix will be taken back to the nest and eventually kill the queen as well.

After many many months left hand spasticness is still a huge problem and have off days where even the right wont follow instructions very well. And as soon as they are out of line of sight ...BTB stuff is still out of the question.

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Posted:nothing beats a flame thrower for pest extermination

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Dentrassi:
nothing beats a flame thrower for pest extermination yeah...along side house extermination ed! maybe she should fly u over and you can do it with fire breathing? what do you rekon, a free trip to teh uk, and all the ants you can kill?

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Posted:On a bad poi day it helps enormously to throw them to one side and order a pizza instead. getting frustrated is only a bad thing.

If it's a suger ant problem make absolutely sure you have no food detritus anywhere. If it's army ants then it's probably you they're after.

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Posted:If those ants are about a quarter inch or larger, they may be carpenter ants, which means they're not only in your kitchen, they're eating your kitchen. All the ideas above are fairly effective, most kinds of ants are very reluctant to cross a white line...but if you need big guns, try some boric acid.

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