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Posted:Do people find it hard to stay in touch with friends?
i mean say you moved to another state would u still keep up to date with what your old friends are doing? i have moved back here from malaysia like 7 years ago now and i have no idea what my old friends are doing or up to because i haven't spoken to them in 5 years.
Also meeting new people is hard to becuase when you meet them and become friends with them, they all of sudden have to leave? but littl ethings remind you of them in which you want to talk to them again?
Kinda get what i'm saying?

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Mumma Hen
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Posted:are you looking for someone? Just wondering, because thats what your post sounds like.

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Posted:I bet your old friends would be thrilled to hear from you. See if you can track down a phone number or an address of just one, they might have contacts for others. If you're wondering what they are up to they are bound to be thinking the same about you.

It is difficult keeping in touch with people from your past, but all it takes is a card on their birthday or the occasional phone call and you keep that friendship alive.

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Posted:I grew up in the middle east and had the same problems as you when i moved back to england. i managed to stay in touch with my closest friends but i went to school with so many others, who are now all over the world. i still wonder about them and if im bored do a lil people search now and then, but the best thing i found were these two sites

classmates- this is an american site but has links to american schools overseas - you have to pay for the persons email.

friends reunited - i personally prefer this on because people can leave a not of where they are and whay theyre up to, without you haveing to pay to get their email

they're not only for schools, theyre for the armed forces and jobs etc

hope theyre of help

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I know what your saying. I grew up in South Africa and lost touch with all my friends over there when I moved back to Ireland. It was kinda pre everyone having email and I had just finished school there so everyone was going their seperate ways anyway. I've tried to get back in touch once or twice, ringing directory enquiries but have no idea where anyone lives anymore and I've searching the web for people's names and stuff when the nostalgia hits occassionally .

The result for me now is that I'm very good at keeping in touch with friends since, I still talk to pretty much every friend I've had in the last few years even if I hardly see them at all.

Maybe I'll find one or 2 of the old ones if I'm meant to....

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Location: Melbourne
Member Since: 5th Jul 2002
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Posted:no i'm not looking for anyone. Just that i shall be moving away next year abd well i have made like sooo many friends here in the past4 years and i really don't want to move and i really don't want things to change or lose the freindship thats there.

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Posted:sometimes moving away is good. you may lose contact with friends, but a fresh start can change your life.

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