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Posted:hi there all old and new.,.

Im going down to melbourne on saturday and will be there for a week or so before i fly home to uk... booo,., was wondering if there is a place spinners meet up for a play around and a chat down there??? any ideas, please help, i havent spun with others for what feels like forever..
i would love to meet up, have a beer and really enjoy my last week in oz
leg over and out
chesta x x x

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Posted:Think Flynt missed this one, but the 2 main nights are:

Wednesdays at Edinborough Gardens, St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy, 8pm. C Workshops in Melbourne, Australia thread

Sunday nights at St Kilda, right next to Luna Park, 6ish? C St Kilda, Melbourne Sunday Nights thread

Suggest sending Flynt a PM for current times and all the local goss.


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Posted:so much country, so little sheep.

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Posted:hey! sorry, yes i did miss this one, my apologies! Chesta, will pm you my mobile number, and uber thanks to stone and bender for following up on this while i was away from the computler...

we have two spinning nights, so you should be able to catch both while you are here chesta, and if you want to give me a call, i can give you details on how to get there or meet up with you before hand...

The details are : St Kilda, Sunday nights next to luna park, starting at 5pm,
Weds night at Edinburgh gardens, Fitzroy, on Brunswick St, at 8:30 -9pm start, til late-ish! Huzzah!

anyways, like i said, feel free to ring me for more info (tram details and such) and we're looking forward to meeting you soon! xoxoxox

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Posted:thanks alot u lovley people u!

im flying in tomoz, but will prob be out on the piss for the weekend , but i will def be gettin myself down to fitzroy on wed night.,

i love melbourne, cant wait to get back,. for 6 months i spent every sunday gettin slowly drunk in the 'Quiteman' on racecourse road, so i cant break a good habbit now can i,. looking forward to spinning with ya
lol chesta x x x


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