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flash fireBRONZE Member
Sporadically Prodigal
2,758 posts
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

With the continuing influx of new people (Big firey welcome to you all!) I guess it makes a lot of sense for us to have an official "getting to know you" type thread.
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Elders and Newbies alike, enter your details here and feel free to use/modify/disregard the format below:Name: flash fire (Sarah)Sex: female (remember, all possible smart responses to this question have already been done!)Age: 23Location: Sydney AustraliaURL:
all fire staff/double staff/double crossesBeen twirling for: about 4 yearsOccupation: corporate lackieHobbies other than obvious: reading, skiing, travelling, doofing, cruising in my Jeep!Favourite Colour: red Most viewed Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or The Doors.Favourite Quote/Saying: an ye harm none do as thou wilt.Best twirling related moment in life so far: I will have to think long and hard to answer.So, post away kiddies! and feel free to occasionally bump this thread to keep it at the top.flash------------------"she dances in a ring of fire and throws off the challenge with a shrug"[This message has been edited by flash fire (edited 29 June 2001).]

HoP Posting Guidelines
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
If you can answer YES to these 4 questions then you may post a reply.

CantusSILVER Member
Tantamount to fatuity
15,966 posts
Location: Down the road, United Kingdom

I think we should fill in the rest of her details. What say you Spiral?


SpiralOolering Man
729 posts
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire

mayhaps we wil.....

CantusSILVER Member
Tantamount to fatuity
15,966 posts
Location: Down the road, United Kingdom

Let's see

Name: Rachel Martin aka onedizzybird or grandma
Age: 22

Do we know her DOB Spiral? If not nip across the street and have a look in their kitchen at the calender.

Favourite colour: blue
Likes: horses, tomato soup and encouraging male neighbours to dress as women.
Dislikes: Law and people taping possessions to the ceiling (walls, desk and every other available surface).
Toys: poi and a rather irritating Clanger.


336 posts
Location: NY, USA

Flash, I smell a "Longest post ever award" for this one. Oysh.

Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

15 posts
Location: South Africa

My turn I guess

name : Damia (Vaughan)
age : 26
sex : Male (If you don't ask about the nic, I won't have to lie)
location : Johannesburg, South Africa
toys : staff (no fire yet, but working on it)
spinning since : 3 days
occupation : Tech support for ISP
fave color : Haven't decided. Toss up between Black, Green, Purple, Blue, Red
music : Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative
other hobbies : Reading Sci-fi novels, watching TV.


Mother always told me I'd wet my bed if I played with fire. Guess I'll just have to buy some rubber sheets.

2 posts
Location: Edinburgh

Name - Tom/Tommy/Tommmy.
Location -Edinburgh.
Sex -Male
Sign -Pisces
Occupation -Geology Student but I'm gonna graduate in 6 weeks, brikin'it.
Toys -Fire Poi, juggling balls (trying to learn clubs)
Hobbies other than obvios -Music, books, rocks, playing guitar, snowboarding, bombing (hoopy if you've seen anything around)
Fave colour -Red or yellow but it depends what colour the wall is.
Fave movies -The Harder They Come, All Alfred Hitchcock stuff,
Fave books -London Fields by Martin Amis, check it out its AMAZING, just read energy flash by Simon Reynolds which has a really good chapter about spiral tribe (of Castlemorton fame) which is why I took up poi.
Fave quote -was gonna do Oscar Wilde but twirlyvic got there first
Best spinning moment -Sparkin' up for the first time defnatly, been teaching my flatmate too.

27 posts
Location: London

NAME: CyberPunkGrrl (Sharon, if I really like you! )
SEX: Female, last time I looked!
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Highbury, North London, UK
TOYS: Poi, just bought first set of fire chains!!
EXPERIENCE: Been twirling seriously since last november, started fire on NYE!!
HOBBIES: Being a Goth *grin*, reading cyberpunk/fantasy novels, being a musician, planning the takeover of the world...
FAVE COLOUR: Purple and black
FAVE MOVIE: Hmm...The Crow or Cube
FAVE BAND: NIN or Dream Disciples
FAVE MUSIC TO SPIN TO: Hi-NRG tech/trance, or really dirty Industrial
FAVE QUOTE: I'll try anything 3 times
BEST TWIRLING RELATED MOMENT IN LIFE SO FAR: Doing fire for the first time in the middle of a field in the English countryside on New Years Eve with complete strangers(apart from my friend Eva!)!!



8 posts
Location: London

Nick : - Maverick (or Mav for short)
Name :- James (or Jay for short)
Age :- 29 (old Git)
Location :- London Finchley
Email :- / /
Experiance :- 2 - 3 months
Hobbies :- Poi (doh) Fire, Clubbing, Music Etc.
Fave act :- Logic @ the fridge or anything at the arches in sheffield
Fave venue :- Arches Sheffield (By Far)


14 posts
Location: Norf London UK

Eeek! Too many different formats... so I'll pick me favourite questions.
Name: Emily (Odissi)
Sex: Grrrrl
Age: 17
Location: Friern Barnet Norf. London (wow so close to Finchley)
Ummm, poiing since about October? (7 months) with various objects including glowsticks (Eeek, I know they're eco-un-friendly), fire and mittens. Oh and trying to learn staff.
What do you have to say for yourself?: Eeek, not much when I'm with quiet people so if you ever meet me please talk at me loads and loads...
I would mostly like to go to more raves.
I love trying to learn nooo things.
Somebody please teach me bongos or djembe basics.
Lots of love.
The end.

EMILY xxxxxx

Squeak, moo.And what IS so funny about peace love and understanding??

6 posts
Location: london

Name: Neil
sex: male
Age: 20
location: finchley london
toys: me set of poi
twirl time: bout 3 months
Fav Colour: Purple
fav weed: ill give ya 3 guesses
icq: 83872625

any hting else u wanna know ask or meet me 4 a twirl to find out

Smoker live and smokers die,but in the end we all get high,so if in life u dont suceed,say F*ck it all and Smoke some WEED!!!!!

557 posts
Location: The Underworld

DAMN!! There's alot of us isn't there?!
Better get stuk in...

I hereby declair that all information listed below iz true to this moment, and this moment only.

NAME(S): InDisWorld,the DFQ ofcoarse!
AGE: Veinte
SEX: Az kinky az possible please.
WHERE AM I?: Currently in London, England
WOT AM I?: I, am a 'level-headed Cock'(Yea who unravel the riddle shall be forever blessed:)
WOT I PLAY WIV: Comets, tailess poi, meteors, staff(just startin'), contacts, and enyfin wot burnz/glowz.(OOH YEAH-me like baloonz 2!)
OCCUPATION: Personal Assistant (or P.A (dahling))
HOBBIES: Reading..?..MydNyt Wonders to nowhere in particular..EATING!..acting strange..laughing, Dancing, acting, Dreaming Awake, travelleling (in the future- can't afford it now), absorbing, creating, Kaos+Konfusion(woching and taking part),
making funnee noises..going to underground parties where there iz lots of UV and people who give the best hugs in the world...(PHEW!!)
MY KINDA MUZICK: Sublime, Tool, Anything by Simon Posford, kind of music has it's own way of making u feel, or move, so I couldn't possiblee exclude any genre..Unless ofcourse it's Pop or commercial Garage.
FILMAGE..:Ooh, anyfin by Darren Aronovski, FIGHT CLUB!, The Never Ending Story, Natural Born Killers, Watership Down, Laberinth, Legend, Matrix, Fear + Loathing, Any non-Westernised Martial Arts fimz...I'm gonna stop coz I cood fill a book.
MY FAVORITE COLOR?: Whichever iz useful at the tym..
FOOD: I know I mentioned 'eating' in the hobbies section, but I just had to give food a heading of it's own. Oh how wonderful it is! No-one shood ever deprive themselfs of it- unless their gonna GIVE IT 2 MEEE! As long as it's not raw tomato, olives, or tasteS of licorice, Ill eat it.

Hmmm..this iz probablee long enough now..

MY QUOTE OF THE DAY: (becuase it's SO sunny and I'm feeling nostalgic, it's gotta be-)
'Cool and Easee'- From the late Sublime.

A pat on the bak 4 enee1 who actually bothered to read these un-nessesarilly long answers.
(Nelson say'z: Hah-Hah!)
Over 'n' Out ..tout.

Az abouve, So below...

flamingkittiesBRONZE Member
8 posts
Location: uk

Name: flamingkitties (Louise)
Sex: female
Age: 20 and a halfish
Location: Essex, UK
Toys: Poi thingmyjigs
Been twirling for: about 5 days
Occupation: student
Hobbies other than obvious: reading, drawing, writing, music, guitars, comedy, stalking,
Favourite Colour: purple
Most viewed Movie: Withnail and I, The Big Lebowski, and Dogma.
Favourite Quote/Saying: My Thumbs have gone weird.

Add a drop of lavender to your bath water, and soon, you'll soak yourself calm!

102 posts
Location: Austria

oh well here it goes
Name: Morgane (kathi
Sex: female
Age: 30 going 100
Location: Graz, Austria
Toys: Pois
Been twirling for: uhm 3 days now:)
Occupation: student
Hobbies other than obvious: reading, eating, horse riding, going out, swilling coffee, twirling (anothere adiction hurray)
Favourite Colour: earth colours
Most viewed Movie: Spaceballs
Favourite Music: pretty much omnivore but Mozarts Requiem makes me high
Sign: Leo (with a healthy dollop of virgo...yuck)

Out to Wrong Rights and Depress the Opressed.

184 posts
Location: London

Well finally! It's taken the better part of 10 minutes for this page to load...

Well, here's me, newbie to the site:

Name: Sepa (OK, it's really Kylie. Sepa's may cat and I use her name on the net).
From: I live in London and have been down the arches a couple of times and am looking forward to Glasto too. BUT I'm really from Darwin, Australia, and yes, I am doing the Aussie thing in London and have been for 4 years now. Sad, isn't it! But lots of fun!
Interests: Poi, love it, love it, love it. I've only been spinning for a couple of months but have only tried fire a couple of times as I don't have fire poi of my own yet.
Favourite colour: Green and blue. Sadly my practice Poi are bright pink, they didn't have green when I bought them!
Work: as a secretary but I also do helpdesk sometimes too.
other interests: travelling (of course), having fun with friends, anytning and everything. I'm the archetypal jack-of-all-trades.

Not much more to say really, see you round, folks.

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