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i am in love with gogo yubari! she is such a bad ass with her flying hammer

if you havnt seen it and you like ultra bloody samuri sword fights i highly recomend this movie!

it is sooo gooood

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Yeah that is soooo true, imagine if I was trying to kick ass and I popped my knee out... how embrassment!!!

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I saw Kill Bill on Saturday, and must say it is still beaming thru my head. [Of course, you're talking to the same guy who is pretty down in the dumps that all the local "see-all-three-LOTR- movies-in-one-day" are already sold out ] To say that Tarantino was trying to make it too Tarantino is somewhat odd. Not saying that the statement lacks logic, but I think it was just his sick, twisted, brilliant mind at work. But we make mountains of molehills. . .and men sometimes become gods. . .

I loved the impression it made on me concerning the way of the Samurai. The scene of O-Ren Ishii apologizing over her insult and the bride accepting was classic. See, it's the little stuff like that makes it enjoyable for me.

And the passing along of the sword. From the way it looked to me, the ceremony was done proper (someone correct me if I'm wrong). The little details and monologues really establish the pace of the movie.

Along those lines, God bless O-Ren's monologue at the dinner table. How delectable.

One the converse, one last thing to say: the lack of dialogue was fantastic. Silence creates amazing tension that few people realize. If any of you are fans of Samurai Jack, next time you watch, notice how much there is absolutely no dialogue. It is said that samurais tried to put ten words into one. And if something could have been done without words, that's the way they did it. In my mind, good movies are made through the right amount of quality dialogue when needed, and almost too much silence.

I don't know, all that to say I enjoyed the movie, and basically fulfill my egotistical need of trying to sound semi-intelligent.

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That movie was sweet.

Gogo rocks.

but both me and Kazeko were drooling over the duel at the end with O Ren.

I want O Ren's sword.

Those Yakuza were missing the Sakura tatty's though. That was only thing missing from that movie.

Although it did raise and interesting question:
is it still sepekku if someone does it for you?

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When I came out of the cinema after watching Kill Bill, I thought it was the best film I've seen all year.
Having thought about it a bit more, I think Spirited Away has that title, and Kill Bill gets second place.
Those two are both far, far away from anything else I've seen recently though.

I only have 2 problems with Kill Bill.
1. the dialogue in some places just seemed strained and too out of place (mainly the bit in the kitchen at the start)
2. The rope dart bit wasn't long enough. I could have watched that fight for at least another 20 minutes

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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When I left the theater I felt light as a feather. I am not sure that it is the best movie I have ever seen...

Again I'm not SURE but I will say it anyway. It was the best movie I have ever seen.

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soo... much...blood(!)
ima glad tho that trarantino pulled out a movie that he'd like to see

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